Student votes for BA (Hons) Education

We encourage the voice of our students from the start: we invite you to join our Student Committee and/or to become Course Representatives and attend the monthly feedback meetings; or to work as Student Ambassadors to spread the messages about the programme and your student experience which you want out there. Tell us how we are doing and together let us continue to build our programme student community for each of us to keep becoming the best we can be.

Dr Emma Macleod-Johnstone, Programme Lead

Students' votes

The BA Education has been for some years in the top 10 in the country for our subject and student satisfaction and achievement. We’re very proud of our consistently strong National Student Survey (NSS) results.
2018 NSS return showed 98% of students found our staff are good at explaining things, and 95% expressed overall satisfaction with the course.
In 2019 it was similar….
And in 2020, 93% were still very happy overall with the course despite the chaos of the first Lockdown … and in 2021, 91.3% still reported being highly satisfied despite being in the third lockdown, and experiencing a lot of isolation, and with some considerable difficulties having to be surmounted.
Now, in 2022, we are delighted to say we were voted into the top five in the country for our subject area, and received in the NSS 100% satisfaction with the course from our students*.
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Staff awards as voted by the students

Each year the University’s students are encouraged by the Student Union to have their voice, and to vote for staff and peers in recognition of how they touch their own and others’ lives. For a comparatively small programme, we are quietly very chuffed and honoured with the views and votes from our students:

Dr Suanne Gibson awarded University SSTAR Outstanding Personal Tutor.
Dr Melanie Parker awarded University SSTAR Most Inspirational Teaching.
Dr Suanne Gibson awarded HEA National Teaching Fellowship.
Dr Emma Macleod-Johnstone awarded University SSTAR Best Assessment Feedback.
Dr Ciaran O’Sullivan awarded SSTAR most Dedicated Dissertation Project Supervisor.
Dr Emma Macleod-Johnstone awarded SSTAR Most Inspirational Teaching, and SSTAR Outstanding Personal Tutor, and SSTAR Most Innovative and Creative Teaching. Methods.
Dr Ciaran O’Sullivan awarded SSTAR most Dedicated Dissertation Project Supervisor.
Dr Emma Macleod-Johnstone awarded University Faculty SSTAR Most Inspirational Teaching.
Dr Cath Gristy awarded SSTAR Most Dedicated Project/Dissertation Award.

Charlotte Dunn, Key Stage 1 teacher 

"After doing a placement through the University I decided that teaching was the route I wanted to take.
Plymouth gave me a change to get a well rounded view of education, I got to study outdoor education, children's literature, disability in education, and this has helped me to become a better teacher."
Kate Lewis, BA (Hons) Education graduate

Kate Lewis, 2022 graduate

“It has been an amazing experience. Through the freedoms we are given by the dedicated team of lecturers to decide on the pathway of interest we deem most significant to our world and progression, we are allowed to flourish and find ourselves. This degree has allowed me the space to pursue my interest in outdoor education and delve into gender education. I now step out into the world with new perspectives, increased confidence, and a burning desire to continue to learn. I have gained more from this degree than I ever dreamed I would, and I cannot recommend it highly enough to do it justice.”
Kate is now studying for the MA Education to pursue a love of research.

Read comments from our course External Examiners over the years

2014 – 2015

“Students on this degree programme enjoy an innovative, challenging, rich and stimulating course. Above all, they are strongly encouraged to be active participants and to be researchers.”
External Examiner 2014/15

2016 – 2017

“The BA Education team should be commended on their inclusive approaches to learning, teaching and assessment.”
External Examiner 2016/17

2017 – 2018

“The BA Education programme enables students to develop knowledge and understanding of educational issues, theories and concepts within formal and informal settings. The programme has many strengths and as student evaluations demonstrate, the team delivers a positive experience for students across modules. Students are well supported throughout the programme in sessions and during assessment periods.”
External Examiner 2017/18

2018 – 2019

This is an outstanding programme that challenges and engages students fully. Particular strengths include:
  • Maintenance of a conscientious, reciprocal high expectations culture.
  • Assignments consistently demonstrate serious engagement in the subject matter, high levels of reflection and critical analysis and the capacity to relate theory to practice.
  • A programme that is strongly underpinned by critical and philosophical theory, as evidenced in the core modules.
  • Engagement with/in the community – range of trips and other extra-curricular activities.
  • The committed and collegiate programme team.
  • Team involved in Research Informed Teaching work with students across years one, two and three.
External Examiner 2018/19

2020 – 2021

“Once again this year, some of the Dissertations I moderated were outstanding and of publishable quality. A number had deservedly high marks… One of my observations this year has been the excellent emphasis on scaffolding student knowledge and understanding around assessment; more necessary than ever during a year of online learning.”
External Examiner 2020/21