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Whether you want to teach or work in social or care contexts, education will open up a flexible and varied career path.

All of our students are supported in completing an electronic Personal Development Plan (PDP). We also ensure that you have all that you need to succeed with a curriculum that promotes information literacy as well as personal and career development, helping you to advance and log your graduate skills and make informed decisions on postgraduate study or graduate employment.

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Career opportunities and further study

Education studies is ideal preparation for a teaching qualification. It’s also highly valuable if you’re interested in pursuing other social and care professions, such as social care and social work, youth work and work in the early childhood sector.

"When I first joined the course I thought I was going to teach, and doing the course made me realise that I had a passion for the pastoral side and the care side rather than teaching. The course gave me options to take modules that opened my eyes to other career prospects."

Meredith Holmes BA (Hons) Education Studies graduate

I worked as a teaching assistant in a special school and had volunteered at my local riding for the disabled branch for years in the past. I knew that I wanted to start a career working with children with additional needs but wanted to find a course that gave me the scope to make my mind up based on the experiences it gave me.

We scrutinised the education system and were given so much opportunity to hypothesise and reflect on our ideas that it inspired me to teach. It gave me the drive I needed to continue in education and strive for a career that prior to my degree, I had not even considered!

Amber McMemamie, currently training with Devon Primary SCITT

There was a strong emphasis on equality, diversity and inclusion awareness. This heightened the awareness that I already had and has stayed with me since. It has made me a strong advocate for equal rights and the fair treatment of people. This has been invaluable working with such a diverse range of people and in a role that requires advocacy for equality and fair access to support and services.

Rosie Smith, working for a pan-London service supporting rough sleepers


Work experience

Work experience demonstrates your commitment to, and awareness of, the realities of your career choice. We expect that graduates will gain work experience as well as a degree. The National Council for Work Experience provides general information on the benefits of this.

Get work experience that reflects your interests and your subject. Your programme team will have links to local groups and the Student Union also has volunteering projects. Experience in schools is vital for future teachers.

"Employers are really interested in voluntary experience and anything you do in your free time speaks volumes about you as a person. So I think voluntary (experience) is really important and if any opportunities come up that you think will be beneficial to jobs you might want to do in the future, then take them ... grab them."

BA (Hons) Education Studies graduate Abbie O'Brien

We're always happy to invite alumni back to speak to current students about their careers. We grabbed Abbie for a few minutes when she came to visit to see what advice and guidance she would share.

Debbie Stafford thought she wanted to be a teacher, but the varied nature of education studies helped her to discover a different career path ...
"I wanted to pursue a career in teaching and the degree enabled me to continue to study for the PGCE. I expected a varied course of study that would allow me to develop my knowledge of working in schools and some opportunity to gain school experience – both of these were met during my time of study. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of modules available, so much so that I deviated from my original intention to focus on teaching. The course provides a good foundation to further study if you’re considering a teaching or social work career. It’s also flexible, providing a good range of modular choices and the opportunity to study education in its broadest sense. I’m now an operations manager working for a countywide disability charity based in Exeter." 
Debbie Stafford, BA (Hons) Education Studies graduate