PebblePad V5 shown on devices

PebblePad is the University provided web-based ePortfolio and Personal Learning system. The system is available to all staff and students and can be used independently for Personal and Professional Development, or as part of assessed activities within the curriculum.

Why use PebblePad?

Tools within PebblePad can be used in the following kinds of activities (and more)

  • Electronic Portfolio creation and Portfolio Assessment
  • Action planning
  • Creation and completion of skills, competency or capability audits
  • Evidencing and recording achievements and experiences
  • Reflection using templates, diaries, journals and blogs
  • Creation and completion of bespoke online templates and workbooks
  • Evidencing and recording extra-curricular activities
  • Group work and collaboration
  • Supporting and evidencing placement and Work-based Learning
  • Supporting the upload of all kinds of document and multimedia evidence
  • Personal Development Planning
  • Professional Development Planning and CPD
  • Recording progress over time
  • Peer Review (and anonymous Peer Review)

Collaborative and conversational

All activities completed have the ability to have learning conversation alongside them, from simple informal comments to full feedback processes for assessment. All activities or resources created can be worked on independently or as a group and can be shared internally or externally for review.

Supports lifelong learning

Alumni can keep their PebblePad account after they graduate for as long as they want and continue using it for CPD.

PebblePocket app


PebblePocket is an app that allows you to create certain types of PebblePad records while you’re offline. You can be in a field, in the middle of nowhere or on train in a tunnel without any wifi access or mobile phone signal and still be able to create PebblePad records. All records that you create can be synchronised with your PebblePad account when you next have internet access. They’ll pop directly into your asset store ready to be viewed, edited, or shared.
PebblePocket supports the following asset types: Blog Post, Reflection, Activity, Photo and Video.
Find out more about PebblePocket or download PebblePocket for iOS or Android.
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