Panopto: Content Capture

Content Capture

The University is currently running a pilot project with the aim of developing a software solution that allows the capture of content that is available to learners at anytime from anywhere.

Why Content Capture?

Through repetition and continual exposure to course content, students retain information more efficiently, which can boost test scores and grades, enhance learning experiences and improve their performance. Whether you are in a classroom on campus, in your office or need to record at a remote location, Panopto offers options for recording content for online distribution.

What is Panopto?

Panopto is the only video platform that provides universities with integrated video recording, live streaming, video management, and inside-video search. With Panopto you can record and live stream video presentations, online training, product demos, lectures, class assignments, meetings and more. Storing content on Panopto cloud server allows users to store and manage all of their videos using Panopto’s secure video portal even content created prior to the systems adoption. Through this video portal students can search across their course’s video library and inside your videos for any spoken word or written text in PowerPoint and then are able to watch the content on any device.

How to use Panopto

Within the University you will be able to use Panopto in two distinct ways, the first is the automated method which allows you to pre-book a session you would like captured and... well that is essentially it, everything is handled behind the scenes by Panopto itself. In the second method using the Panopto recorder allows you to dictate when, where and what you use to create you content. Create content on the go or anywhere you want using you laptop, add addition cameras to show an experiment in detail the list of use is literally endless.

Panopto in education

With roots in higher education Panopto is dedicated to improving the learning experience.

Lecture capture:

Spend your time teaching, not fiddling with technology. Panopto allows you to schedule recordings ahead of time for fully-automated lecture capture.

Flipped classroom:

There’s no easier way to record pre-lecture videos than with Panopto. In just a few mouse clicks, you can record webcam video, slide presentations, screencasts and more from any laptop/mobile device.

Lab and software demos:

Capture everything in laboratory demonstrations, from the tiniest detail via microscope to the instructor’s presentation slides and video feed.