Student Digital Champions

Digital Education have recruited a group of Student Digital Champions and their role is to support and enhance digital learning across the institution.

This allows us to work with students on a range of digital projects ensuring that the student voice is considered before any decisions are made, therefore they are key in the shaping of the digital experience at Plymouth.

This year we have employed five students from across the University who have been working with us and their peers to gather feedback on the technologies used in learning and teaching, providing an insight into any future opportunities.

Meet our champions

Our champions represent a diverse range of disciplines in the University and provide us with an excellent insight into the student voice.

  • Plymouth Business School

    Kareemah Ahmed

    Plymouth Business School
  • School of Health Professions

    Cindy Ng

    School of Health Professions
  • Peninsula Medical School

    Lolita Singh

    Peninsula Medical School
  • School of Humanities and Performing Arts

    Michaela Moclair

    School of Humanities and Performing Arts
  • School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

    Vivian Hocking

    School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
<p>about our students<br></p>

It is widely recognised that students make a valuable contribution to the development of their peers and our staff digital literacy skills by sharing their experiences and running sessions related to the use of digital technologies for learning.

Also, through formal and anecdotal student feedback collected through a range of interactions, we know that students have lots of ideas as to how technology could be used effectively for learning and teaching. In more recent years the sector has been exploring ways in which to develop the digital skills of their students and staff.

Key areas of focus

  • Assisting to identify potential digital development needs of both students and staff.
  • Represent the wider student body on the Digital Learning Forum.
  • Proposals for technology use and purchases related to learning and teaching.
  • Support further development of the University of Plymouth mobile app.
  • Provide feedback on current learning technologies being used.
  • Support the University with Digital Education initiatives.

<p>Student Champions&nbsp;

Areas of focus


How are Student Digital Champions supporting other students currently?

They are in the library providing peer support.
Come and see the student digital champions in the library. If you have any questions about digital tools or technologies. They will be either at the ask us desk or with the writing cafe:

Find out the times when the student digital champions are in the library to help you.

They are running technology focused training sessions.
Book on a training session around Zoom, Panopto and Moodle.

Find out more about what the training sessions cover and book a space via the MyCareer website.

<p>Charles Seale-Hayne Library – Entrance<br></p>
<p>Charles Seale-Hayne Library – Entrance<br></p>

They are supporting students to self assess their digital skills with the discovery tool.
See some of the promotional posters about the discovery tool the student digital champions have created to find out more.

Alternatively just log in here and see the discovery tool.

They are recommending tools to support student learning.
The student digital champions have identified and given an overview of some of their favourite tools that can support your learning whilst you are at the university.

See the overview videos of tools to support your learning.

They are creating new LinkedIn learning pathways.
As well as overview videos of useful tools the student digital champions have created new LinkedIn Learning pathways.

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