Our current Student Digital Champions

How can Student Digital Champions support students?

They are in the library and around campus to provide peer support around technology and to promote the technologies available.
Have a look at the Student Digital Champion timetable to see where and when they are on campus.
If you need to contact them, please send an email to sdc@plymouth.ac.uk
SDC in the writing cafe
Student digital champions in the Student hub

Meet our champions

Our champions represent a diverse range of disciplines in the University and provide us with an excellent insight into the student voice.

  • michaela moclair

    Michaela Moclair

    School of Society and Culture
  • Viv hocking

    Vivian Hocking

    School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
  • Harriet Ball

    Harriet Ball

    School of Biological and Marine Sciences
  • Sophie Folkard

    Sophie Folkard

    School of Biological and Marine Sciences
  • Kayleigh Banyard

    Kayleigh Banyard

    School of Society and Culture
  • Zayn Kaisar

    Zayn Kaisar

    Peninsula Medical School
  • Minou Shahin

    Minou Shahin

    Plymouth Dental School
  • Daisy Pond

    Daisy Pond

    School of Psychology
  • Layla Rami

    Layla Rami

    School of Biological and Marine Sciences
  • Mya Symister

    Mya Symister

    School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
  • Aurora Hunt

    Aurora Hunt

    School of Society and Culture

Student Digital Champions case studies

The SDC role provides basic IT support as a peer-to-peer service for all students to access if they need support. Being in this role has boosted my confidence, self-esteem, and importantly this has helped me to understand students' different needs. Being an SDC has provided me with skills and knowledge to help others but also learn more myself. This opportunity has helped me to further my IT and general knowledge which will see me further into the future.

Kayleigh Banyard 
LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Being an SDC has given me a platform on which to build myself and to share my experiences and knowledge. It has increased my confidence in public speaking and in finding new ways to interact with people. It has also aided me in further understanding the uniqueness of each individual and how tailoring our services to them can make all the difference! It’s been a lot of fun, and the role has also given me opportunity to play my part in enhancing the student community’s digital literacy and assist in creating tools and resources to further assist the effort. Overall, this role is one I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone!

Zayn Kaisar 
BMBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery 

Having the opportunity to help other students build their confidence with the technologies available to them alongside my studies has been a really rewarding experience for me. The flexibility of the role has enabled me to enjoy working whilst completing the final stage of my undergraduate degree, undertaking my initial postgraduate studies and now again whilst embarking upon my PhD. In addition to the flexibility, the role is a great addition to your CV and provides an insight into how the University determines what technologies students need to reach their potential.

Vivian Hocking
PhD Computing 

My experience with the SDC team has been great; the role is a brilliant opportunity to develop confidence and to help the student community; it’s amazing to be part of a team that contributes so actively to improving the student experience. There are plenty of opportunities to tailor your work to your strengths, as well as opportunities to learn new technologies that improve your learning. I have really loved helping people with technology as an SDC, and making a difference to the University on an individual and collective scale has been a really good experience. Not only that, but the SDC team is wonderful to work with; I can’t recommend it enough!

Sophie Folkard 
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences 
Closeup shot of an unidentifiable hacker using a cellphone in the dark