Online Module Boxes
The option to use an Online Module Box is now available in all Moodle sites. You will find it as a block on the right hand side of all Moodle courses and features include: 
  • Familiar editing process to the rest of Moodle after using the 'turn editing on' option in cog/settings.
  • You can add files (including zip files), folders, URLs and labels (labels can be used to create headings and enable structure).
  • Online Module Boxes are secure by default and only visible to those with the Teacher, Faculty Support or External Examiner role. Content can only be edited by someone with Teacher or Faculty Support Role. All external examiners must be enrolled on courses with 'External Examiner' role.
  • You can now link directly into online submissions, no need to download submissions and feedback files and upload them somewhere else.
  • Student sample work linked to from the module box will remain available for 7 years after the Programme end date.
  • Module boxes may be removed if not required.
  • Every new course will now have an empty module box made when it is created. If course content is imported from an existing course into a new Moodle course for the following year, the content of the previous module box is not copied over.
Please watch this short overview video (8mins 30secs, contains audio) that gives a more detailed overview of the new Online Module Boxes in Moodle. 
Please contact the Digital Education team if you have any queries.

Academic Partnerships

Colleagues in Academic Partnerships will continue to use SharePoint module boxes as they have previously. Please speak to your admin team in Academic Partnerships if you have any queries about the SharePoint Module Boxes.

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