Records Management
By default, on every Moodle page, there is an online ‘Module Box’ block on the right-hand side of the course. The purpose of this block is to provide an easy and familiar way to deliver all module materials to the External Examiners, from one place within the DLE (Moodle). For example, it can contain:
  • module handbooks, guides, and action plans
  • student sample coursework/assessments
  • feedback on student coursework/assessments
  • student results on ‘Quiz’ activities
  • and many more.
These materials can be either shared as individual files (such as Word documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets) or as URL links that would direct the External Examiners to specific places within your module in Moodle. You can also break the content, structure the materials by using folders and labels.
For more information about what exactly needs to be uploaded and shared with your External Examiners and what structure you will need to follow, please contact your Programme Leader to provide guidance around this which should be based on the School or Faculty Office standard Module Box policy.
Module Boxes are also secure by default and only visible to those with ‘Teacher’, ‘Non-Editing Teacher’, ‘External Examiner’, or ‘Faculty support’ roles and may be edited by anyone with ‘Teacher’ or ‘Faculty Support’ roles. Students will not be able to access these as they are hidden from them. If you are unsure whether you have the correct role, please check it in the ‘Participants’ menu and contact the Course Team if it has to be adjusted.

Global Opportunities 

Some colleagues in Global Opportunities will continue to use SharePoint module boxes as they have previously. Please speak to your admin team in Global Opportunities if you have any queries about the SharePoint Module Boxes.
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