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Plymouth Business School and The Arts Institute cordially invite you to an evening of cultural celebration through the universal language of dance. "Live, Love, Dance" is more than just an event; it's a vibrant tapestry of hope, joy, and community in the post-COVID era. By bringing together performers from the Southwest, including students, amateurs, and professionals, we aim to create a space where diverse cultural perspectives converge, fostering social integration and relational well-being.
Dance as a cultural and communal discourse is a powerful means of social integration that develops a sense of community by showcasing diverse perspectives and developing relational wellbeing. Through this performative and creative engagement, a dynamic and inspirational cultural experience is sought to be created bringing together the University, local community and creative performers in the Southwest with the vision of transforming lives, facilitating cultural understanding and embedding dance in the people and place making agenda.
Date: Sunday 26 May 2024
Time: 18:00 – 20:30
Venue: The House Stage, The House, University of Plymouth
Ticket information: £4 standard, free for students and children 

Performance details

The upcoming cultural extravaganza promises a captivating array of performances, each offering a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of global dance traditions. From classical ballet to traditional folk dances, the event showcases the diverse range of styles and cultural influences that shape the world of dance. Here's a closer look at the performances scheduled to grace the stage:
1. Chinese Ribbon Dance – Duration: 8 minutes
Dunhuang Genre – Ribbon Dance: Presented by Yiyun (Eva), this mesmerising performance transports audiences to ancient China with its graceful movements and vibrant symbolism. Through the art of ribbon dance, dancers weave intricate patterns in the air, evoking images of flowing water, fluttering butterflies, and blooming flowers. Rooted in Chinese cultural heritage, this traditional dance captivates with its elegance and storytelling prowess.
2. Bollywood – Modern Moves: Duration: 12 minutes
Natasha Koshti takes centre stage with a dynamic Bollywood performance that fuses contemporary flair with traditional rhythms. Set to popular Bollywood tracks, this high-energy showcase dazzles with its colourful costumes, infectious beats, and intricate choreography. From hip-shaking moves to expressive gestures, Anil's performance celebrates the exuberance and vitality of Indian cinema.
3. The Oath of Draupathi – Bharatanatyam: Duration: 12 minutes
Sadhna and Shaveena pay homage to the rich mythology of India with a captivating Bharatanatyam performance inspired by the epic Mahabharata. Through expressive movements and emotive storytelling, they bring to life the tale of Draupadi, a heroine who embodies resilience in the face of adversity. From her moments of despair to her triumphs of strength, this performance resonates with themes of courage, justice, and the indomitable human spirit.
4. Taiko: Duration: 10 minutes
Kaitlyn and Elements Plymouth present a dynamic showcase of Taiko drumming, an ancient Japanese art form characterised by its powerful rhythms and physical intensity. From thunderous beats to intricate choreography, their performance explores the expressive possibilities of the Taiko drum, captivating audiences with its energy and precision. Through a variety of pieces, they invite spectators on a rhythmic journey that celebrates the spirit of camaraderie and collective expression.
5. Traditional Burmese Dance: Duration: 4 minutes
Zun Poe Phyui (Sushmita) and her group offer a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Myanmar with a traditional Burmese dance performance. Set to the rhythmic melodies of traditional instruments, dancers convey blessings and gratitude through symbolic gestures and graceful movements. This performance honours Myanmar's cultural traditions and celebrates the spirit of unity and reverence for the divine.
6. Hollywood Freestyle: Duration: 3 minutes 15 seconds
Zun Poe Phyui (Sushmita) returns to the stage with a dynamic Hollywood freestyle performance that celebrates women's strength and resilience. Set to empowering anthems by Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, this high-octane showcase inspires women to embrace their power and take on leadership roles in both personal and professional spheres. With its energetic choreography and uplifting message, this performance aims to empower and uplift audiences, igniting a spirit of determination and courage.
7. Chinese Folk Dance: 1 minute 42 seconds
Xiaorong Wang (Zenia) transports audiences to the misty streets of traditional Chinese Jiangnan towns with a solo dance performance inspired by ink paintings. Through graceful movements and poetic imagery, she captures the beauty and tranquillity of Chinese landscapes, inviting spectators on a visual journey of serenity and contemplation.
8. Lyrical Piece to 'Waves' and Neo-Classical Ballet to 'Le Onde': Duration: 4 minutes and 5 minutes 30 seconds
Busybalerina – Geraldine Lamb School of Dance presents two captivating performances that explore themes of overcoming adversity and the hypnotic allure of the ocean. Through lyrical movements set to 'Waves' and neo-classical ballet inspired by 'Le Onde', Sue's performances evoke a sense of grace, elegance, and emotional depth, captivating audiences with their beauty and artistry.
9. Street Dance Styles: Duration: 16 minutes
Chris (Rhythm City) brings the vibrant energy of street dance to the stage with a dynamic showcase of Poppin', Hip Hop, Breakin', Lockin', House, and Personal Choreography. Through explosive movements and infectious rhythms, Chris and his crew dazzle with their athleticism and creativity, showcasing the raw energy and cultural influence of street dance.
10. Waltz and Cha Cha: Duration: 3 minutes 47 seconds and 3 minutes 48 seconds
Sally Tanner's students enchant audiences with the timeless elegance of the Waltz and the vibrant energy of the Cha Cha. From graceful turns to playful interactions, their performances celebrate the joy of partner dancing and the universal language of movement.
11. Nepali Patriotic Dance: Duration: 3 minutes
Shanti presents a heartfelt tribute to Nepal with a traditional Nepali dance performance set to a patriotic song. Through expressive movements and vibrant costumes, Shanti honours the cultural heritage of Nepal, conveying a message of love, loyalty, and dedication to the nation.
12. Nepali Village Girl Dance: Duration: 4 minutes
Subrina Kandel offers a solo dance performance that celebrates the traditional dress and cultural identity of Nepal. Through her expressive movements and spirited performance, Subrina showcases the importance of preserving cultural traditions and embracing one's heritage.
13. Bulgarian Folklore Patterns: Duration: 20 minutes
Nadezhda Krasteva and Ani Yurukova present a mesmerising compilation of Bulgarian traditional dances, illustrating the rich folklore and ethnographic heritage of Bulgaria. With live accompaniment on bagpipe and drum, their performance transports audiences to the vibrant villages and colourful festivals of Bulgaria, celebrating the diversity and vitality of Bulgarian culture.
14. Basketcase: Duration: 8 minutes
Laura Rebecca Cantliff presents a confessional piece that explores themes of disability, communication, and identity through contemporary dance. Through expressive movements and honest storytelling, Laura invites audiences into her world, offering a glimpse into the complexities of living with a disability and the power of self-expression through dance.
15. Shiv Tandav: Duration: 4 minutes
Harshita brings timeless saga of Lord Shiva through a captivating solo performance in Bharatnatyam, taking audiences on an enchanting journey. Delve into the ancient struggle between gods and demons as they seek immortality by churning the seas for the elixir of life, inadvertently releasing a lethal poison. Experience the poignant depiction of Lord Shiva's selfless act of consuming the poison to protect humanity, rendered with grace and depth in this mesmerising dance.
Each performance in this cultural extravaganza offers a unique blend of artistry, storytelling, and cultural expression, inviting audiences on a journey of discovery and celebration. From the vibrant streets of Bollywood to the serene landscapes of traditional Chinese towns, the world of dance comes alive on stage, captivating hearts and minds with its beauty, diversity, and universal language of movement.
This event is part of the Discovery Weeks at the University of Plymouth. 
Image credit: Lloyd Russell, University of Plymouth
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Group of dancers on stage
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