Music degree courses and research

“Studying at Plymouth allowed me to gain countless new musical skills as well as knowledge about the interesting histories of different forms and genres of music from all around the globe.”

Sam Harrison
BA (Hons) Music graduate


BA (Hons) Music subject pathways

Develop and tailor your own interests with five subject pathways to choose from:

  • music
  • composition
  • performance
  • ethnomusicology
  • technology

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Playing a pivotal part in the region’s vibrant music scene

From cutting-edge computer music to spellbinding classical performances, the Arts Institute supports new talent and attracts world-class musicians to Plymouth.

Music students have the opportunity to benefit from the Student Participation in Arts scheme (SPiA), which entitles them to £150 of credit to attend Arts Institute events.

Music at the Arts Institute

“One of the interpretations of the quantum world is the multiverse interpretation, which sees the world as having multiple versions of itself. This connects quite well with music…our job as artists and musicians is to create parallel worlds.”

Eduardo Reck Miranda
Professor in Computer Music at the University of Plymouth and Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research

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