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Angelia on a site visit learning about cement vessel operations, under the guidance of Jurong Port's operations project team
Angelia Ong, who now works as a Senior Executive in Operations Central Planning and Projects, for Jurong Port Pte Ltd.

Our graduates hold exciting positions across the globe

“Studying with Plymouth gave me access to a wealth of experienced staff and lecturers that supported me in finding out about the variety of career options available to me. This helped me shape my career plans and allowed me to pursue all areas that interested me.”
James Whitbread

Bloomberg Interactive Learning Suite

Using cutting edge up-to-the-minute data to tap directly into the pace and excitement of financial markets.
Plymouth Business School’s ‘Bloomberg Lab’ brings real-world experience into the classroom, providing access to the same information used by leading banks, corporations and government agencies – deeply enhancing your academic studies. Bloomberg connects students to multiple disciplines in the world’s leading platform for business and finance news, data, analytics and research. With Bloomberg, your analytical skills move forward and you gain the competitive edge in today’s market, enhancing your employability and preparing you for a successful and proactive career.
Bloomberg Interactive Suite

Our research expertise

 Our-research active community produces high quality multi and interdisciplinary research of local, national and international importance. Studying at Plymouth Business School will connect you with this research and thought leadership – translating, applying and testing ideas, concepts and models into the world of business.
You will be working with pioneering academics of global standing who have extensive and active networks in a range of industries.
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