Tuition fees for optional placement years

An optional placement year is an opportunity to gain experience working for a company or organisation during your degree. Most of our undergraduate courses provide you with the opportunity to complete a placement year.

Placement years can also be referred to as a ‘sandwich year’, ‘work placement’ or a ‘year in industry’.

Placement years can last between six and twelve months depending on your course and employer. The majority of placements give you an opportunity to earn a salary while you work.

Placement year tuition fee

The placement fee is determined by the year you are on placement. The fee for undergraduate students undertaking a placement year in 2023/2024 is £1850.
It is a reduced fee which will not exceed 20% of the standard annual University tuition fee for the academic year you complete your placement. If you apply for a student loan, you will still need to apply for the loan in your placement year, or you will be required to pay the tuition fee yourself.
A placement year is part of your degree and you are still a registered University of Plymouth student. You will complete assessments and will continue to be supported by the University. You will have access to University services such as library and digital facilities including all online resources, Career resources and personal support through our Student Hub and wellbeing services. Your placement fee contributes to providing these services to make sure you have the support you need when completing your placement.
<p>Architecture work placements work experience&nbsp;</p>

Paying your placement year tuition fee

The tuition fee for placement year can be covered by your tuition fee loan.

You’ll need to reapply for student finance each year of your course so you don’t need to apply for additional student finance until you decide to complete a placement year.

Placement modules

For some courses (such as education and health), you will be expected to complete placement modules as part of your core programme of study to achieve a professional qualification.

These placements are covered by the standard annual tuition fee so there are no additional tuition fee costs for completing them.