Reconsider your options and start building your qualifications

By remaining calm and reviewing her initial choices, Bethany found her ideal nursing programme

"My advice is that as soon as you know you need a place through Clearing, start looking. Make yourself known, be enthusiastic, and don’t give up if you aren’t accepted onto a course you really want; keep emailing and phoning." 

Bethany Calloway

Bethany Calloway, BSc (Hons) Nursing
I started looking into Clearing on results day after I found out I didn't get the required grades for my choices. I didn't get into my first or second choice university, as the COVID-19 pandemic meant I received predicted grades that were significantly lower than those I expected to attain had I sat my exams.

Taking the stress out of applying

I found the UCAS Clearing Plus system the easiest, least stressful way to filter down my results to find places. I was able to ‘favourite’ which universities I was interested in, which sent a notification to the universities with my details, meaning they could call me regarding a place.
Once I was contacted by the University of Plymouth, I was able to speak to the team and confirm my place. The process helped me feel relaxed and assured me that I would still get to go to university. The lecturer I spoke to was really friendly and keen to offer me a place. They clearly explained to me what I needed to do to confirm my acceptance.

Be ready for results day

On results day, prepare for the best- and worst-case scenarios. Start the Clearing process and browse some other courses you may be interested in. Remember which universities offered you a place that you turned down for your final two choices; they may have a good record of you that will help in the Clearing process.
I settled in at Plymouth well. I found the first couple of weeks hard; I missed home – the fields and my dog – and I had never lived in a city, but I had amazing flatmates.
Plymouth has a huge range of sports and societies, so there is something for everyone. There are always things to get involved with and, now that things are back to normal, in-person socials are even more fun. I volunteer with a fantastic medical and student support society with which I have recently qualified as a medical first responder. 
I would like to be a critical care nurse working as part of the trauma team at a trauma centre hospital, or I would like to be in the military reserves as a nursing officer. I also want to travel and explore the world.
Decide what you want from university. Do you want to study at a beautiful seaside university on a campus within the city centre with a huge variety of entertainment and a safe student atmosphere? Do you want to study in a modern, up-to-date nursing skills laboratory with life-cast realistic manikins to practise skills with helpful supportive staff? If so, then Plymouth is for you! 
I love Plymouth and although it wasn't my initial choice, I would not change my decision; it has everything I wanted from my university experience.

On track to a career in nursing

If you want to start your nursing journey, start it now with Plymouth. The course is brilliant and the staff are fantastic and engaging with a huge variety of experience and advice. The other students are so supportive, kind, understanding but most of all fun to be around. You'll always have fun and laugh together with other students from the University and those you meet on your placements. 

Could Clearing be for you?

If you’re worried about your university place, you don’t have to wait until A level results day to apply for Clearing.
Whether you’re yet to apply or have already made an application to the University of Plymouth, we aim to make your next steps as easy as possible.
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