3.The library is located in the centre of campus and is open 24/7. There’s seating right outside, where you can get some sun between study sessions.


Provide a supportive, inclusive and stimulating research-led learning environment that empowers students to reach their full potential.

Deliver challenging, invigorating curricula, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, taught by staff who are experts in their subject and who are committed to high quality, engaging and innovative teaching and learning.

Provide academic support, resources and facilities so that you can take responsibility for your own learning to complete your studies.

Ensure you get clear assessment criteria, followed by constructive and timely feedback on your assessed work.

Embed consideration of employability in the curriculum providing students with access to careers advice, skills training, placement opportunities or work experience to support you to obtain graduate employment or further study opportunities.

Student life

Offer accessible, safe places on our campuses in which to work and study and which consider the environmental and community impact of its activities.

Provide access to friendly and professional support on health and wellbeing, accommodation, finance and other sources of advice to keep you well.

Provide high-quality library, IT, specialist laboratories and other facilities and services that enhance your student experience and learning.

Publish a clear up-to-date teaching timetable and give you as much notice as possible of any unavoidable timetable changes.

Provide clear information about procedures and support relating to complaints, appeals, study and wellbeing and disciplinary matters.

Encourage you to engage with the opportunities that UPSU has to offer, and make reasonable adjustments enabling that to happen.


Embed students as active partners in programme development, management and the academic life of the University.

Ensure student representation in programme-, school- and University-level committees that influence strategic decisions and shape their academic programmes and experience.

Encourage your participation in elections for student representatives through whom your views can be communicated.

Enable informal and formal opportunities to give programme feedback.

Value and act on the comments you give relating to your experience and use such feedback to make improvements.

Inform you and consult with you on, significant University plans.


Ensure all staff treat students with respect, tolerance, courtesy and professionalism.

Foster an environment which encourages personal development, free speech, mutual understanding and academic freedom.

Promote equality of treatment for all, regardless of gender, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.

Encourage sustainability, social responsibility and cultural awareness at local, national and global levels.