student studying


Actively engage with your learning, have a willingness to reflect on and question your experiences, and take advantage of all the resources available to you.

Attend your induction sessions, participate in timetabled classes and attend meetings with your tutors and academic supervisors.

Ensure that you behave with integrity and do not cheat, plagiarise or engage in any form of academic dishonesty and seek support to avoid doing so.

Work to the best of your ability, taking responsibility for managing your own learning and committing sufficient time to independent study.

Seek feedback and act appropriately upon any given.

Engage with available resources to enhance your personal development and graduate prospects.

Student life

Be aware and seek to engage with extra-curricular activities provided by the University and the UPSU, and additional training opportunities.

Pay your tuition fees in a timely manner and declare any issues at the earliest point possible.

Embrace the 'students as partners' culture by participating in student led activities, and co-creating with staff opportunities that enhance what is available for yourself and others.

Take responsibility to keep yourself well and safe.

Raise any concerns at the earliest opportunity to facilitate any timely and appropriate support.

Familiarise yourself with the requirements of University policies and procedures.


Be a positive ambassador of the University and UPSU acting at all times to enhance the reputation of both.

Be a critical friend to the University and hold your student representatives to account.

Give constructive and honest feedback in order to encourage positive change.

Fully engage with UPSU’s democratic process, particularly by voting in the student elections.

Bring forward initiatives and contribute to positive local and national change.

Take part in student consultations in order to get the most out of your student experience.


Be a role model for others, behaving with respect, dignity and courtesy to all.

Engage with the University alumni network in order to enrich your and future graduates’ lives.

Treat both local and national residents with respect and kindness and always be upstanding citizens.

Recognise, respect and tolerate the varying cultures and lifestyles of your peers and of members of the University’s local communities so as to foster integration.

Uphold the University and UPSU’s value of sustainability by making a difference as active citizens and caring for the wellbeing of others and the natural environment.

Engage with the communities on campus, showing respect and professionalism to all, including University and UPSU staff, and your student peers.

Care for and protect all facilities and equipment provided by the University and UPSU.