Provide advice and support for you on any academic related issues.

Be a critical friend of the University, while maintaining a constructive relationship, contributing to decisions that affect students’ education.

Work with the University to continually enhance and develop the academic student experience via our student representatives.

Student life

Ensure all UPSU activities are of the highest quality and are innovative, accessible and meet the needs of our students.

Provide an independent, confidential, impartial Advice Centre.

Promote, deliver and sustain a diverse range of social events, services and activities.

Help you identify and develop transferable skills to improve your graduate employment prospects.

Provide appropriate training enabling you to fulfil any UPSU-related responsibilities.


Ensure that our student representatives are the recognised voice of the students at the University of Plymouth.

Provide accessible, democratic decision-making processes through which UPSU can represent student views.

Empower student representatives to challenge and work in partnership with the University to ensure student views inform the development and improvement of provision and the wider student experience.

Hold transparent, fair and democratic elections to select student representatives.

Ensure that student representatives have access to training in order to effectively fulfil their role.


Ensure students, University and UPSU staff are treated with respect, dignity and courtesy.

Operate sustainably in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

Create opportunities through our student-led activities for enjoyment, friendship and skills building through societies, sport, volunteering and fundraising.

Provide you with the opportunities to play an active role in society, the local community and beyond.

Ensure all activities promote high standards of personal and professional conduct and respect the views and culture of all individuals.

Provide and promote an inclusive environment that both celebrates and promotes equality and diversity.

Provide a safe and enjoyable space for our students.