Accommodation information for applicants

Book your accommodation

Once you have an idea of which University-managed accommodation option is best for you after searching availability on Plym Uni Homes, you can now book your accommodation through the accommodation portal, where all bookings are made on a first come, first served basis.

Key Dates

  • 10 May – accommodation guarantee closes
  • End of June onwards – specific room numbers are sent to students
  • End of July onwards – arrival information and time slots are sent
  • 7 September – international, medical and dentistry arrivals
  • 13–14 September – main arrivals for University-managed halls of residence

Skills you can develop before you move to university

It’s likely that moving to university will your first experience of living independently and while it can be a very exciting prospect, here are a few things to consider to make the step even easier:

  • How to budget for rent, food, shopping and social life
  • Basic cooking, cleaning and laundry skills
  • Social skills for living with new people
  • Understanding responsibilities such as paying bills and signing important documents such as housing contracts
  • Safety and personal security in a new city with new people
  • Research all of the facilities at University of Plymouth before you arrive.