Eight money saving websites for students
Books, socialising, rent, food – a student loan and a part-time job can only go so far, so it’s important to save money at university wherever you can. From clothes to utilities, there are plenty of discounts and rewards available, some of them exclusively for students. 
We’ve made it easier for you by putting together a list of money-saving websites suggested by students. 
1. Gimmea
By combining an incentives and reward scheme, a University of Plymouth graduate developed GIMMEA to offer discounts, buying guides, blogs and ideas to make student life cheaper.
2. myunidays.com
This website is the holy grail of offers discounts and rewards for students, from the latest tech to offers on the newest wardrobe additions. And it’s free. 
3. nus.org.uk
For a small fee, the NUS extra card provides the best student discounts across the board, including a half-price Amazon student account and 10 per cent off all Co-op purchases, so you don’t have to live on beans alone. 
4. studentbeans.com
As well as offering handy voucher codes for high street shops, this site also produces an excellent blog that offers advice and tips on maintaining a savvy student lifestyle.
5. savethestudent.org
This site offers very practical ideas on how to save and earn as much money as you can during your time at university. It also provides advice on how to budget and balance your bank account to make sure you have enough money for essentials like household bills. 
6. studentmoneysaver.co.uk
Alongside discounts on everyday brands from coffee to gadgets, this site offers freebies, competitions, student news and ways to make money at home in your spare time, such as becoming a product tester. 
7. moneysavingexpert.com
Whilst this site isn’t dedicated to students, it can be invaluable when trying to save money on utility bills, phone contracts, insurance, and even to help reduce the cost travelling abroad. It also lists the latest discounts available on restaurants and shopping. 
You may also find this useful:
A free bespoke student money saving page created for the University of Plymouth. 

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