How to manage your money at uni

Start budgeting at the beginning of term
You need to work out your budget when you receive your funding instalment – and stick to it. It’s too late to start budgeting when there’s no money left.

Students who eat together save together
Take it in turns with your housemates or group of friends to cook a meal together – eating together is cheaper, saves electricity and is definitely more fun.

Get a part-time job
It can be really helpful to have a part-time job, but make sure you are not overcommitted and your uni work doesn’t suffer. If you find it difficult to get paid work, consider self-employment such as tutoring or, if you’re a whizz with IT, a computer maintenance service, which you can fit around your studies. Find the latest jobs

Maximise those student discounts
Make the most of cards which give you discounts in shops, such as your NUS card, use cash-back sites when buying goods on line, and use vouchers and coupons wherever possible.

See how much you can save at uni.

Check out other sources of income
Make sure you are aware of any bursaries the University can offer and search the internet to see if you qualify for grants from charitable Trusts and Foundations. Every little helps.

For free, confidential advice on everything from finance to housing and academic to legal problems, you can go to what is known as ‘the Citizens Advice Bureau for students’.