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Welcome to our interview guidance for BSc (Hons) Dietetics, MDiet (Hons) Dietetics and MSc Human Nutrition.  
Here you will find details on:
  • interview preparation
  • interview itinerary
  • important FAQs
  • important documents.
All of which will be helpful for interviews for the following programmes:
We hope that this helps you to prepare for your upcoming interview, but should you have any further questions please contact our interview team on
Please note that for September 2024 entry we will continue to offer interviews online via Zoom. 

Preparing for your interview

Ahead of your interview please complete the below health forms and return to 
Once received, these will be added to your application and processed by our admissions team. 
Top tips for interview
  • Have a good think about the reasons you wish to study with us and why you wish to follow this career path.
  • Consider how you will manage the demands of studying for this degree and how you will overcome them.
  • Take a look at the NHS constitution and your personal commitment to these values. Additional information can be found on the NHS website.
  • Take a detailed look at the University of Plymouth’s website course page, as well as the professional and regulatory body websites for paramedics, which will provide you with details and links for preparing your application and how to succeed at your interview.
MSc Human Nutrition 
The following preparation should be completed if you have been invited to interview for the MSc Human Nutrition programme:
  • For all interviews, we advise you to think about the reasons why you want to study the course you have applied for, and why you are interested in your chosen career path. 
  • Please prepare a short (no more than 1 minute) informal introduction, to say something about yourself and why you are interested in Human Nutrition (be creative!).
  • Take a detailed look at the University of Plymouth’s website, as well as the professional and regulatory body website for nutritionists, which will provide you with details and links for preparing your application and how to succeed at your interview.
Applicants to MSc Human Nutrition DO NOT need to complete the above Declaration Forms as part of the application process. 
Thank you for booking to attend a Zoom interview with us.
As part of your booking you will have selected either a morning or afternoon session.
You will be required to attend the full duration of the interview and be available for a prompt start. We usually advise that you join the session prior to the start time where you will be able to sit in the virtual waiting room.
All sessions will include a 30-minute interview and an opportunity to speak with current students.
You will be sent an interview schedule and Zoom link directly from at least 24 hours ahead of the interview session.
Please ensure you have with you:
  • A form of photo identification such as your passport or driving licence. We will not be able to complete your interview without this.
  • Pen and paper should you wish to make notes.
How do I book my interview?
Upon successful submission of your application, you will be sent an email with a unique link to our online booking system. You can use our online system to select an interview date that best suits your availability.
If you have not received this email, please be sure to check your junk or clutter folders.
What if I need to reschedule my interview after I have booked onto one?
If you need to reschedule your interview you can do so via the system up to 72 hours ahead of your scheduled session.
We appreciate plans can change and if you need to cancel last minute due to an extenuating circumstance please email us on
As a reminder, attending and passing interview is an integral part of the condition of your offer, so it is essential you book and attend interview if you wish to be considered for a place.
What if I have applied for more than one programme?
If you have applied for more than the programme listed, you will require an additional interview for the other course, to establish if you are suitable for that programme.
What happens after my interview?
The outcome of your interview will be communicated to you via email however UCAS will not be updated until all conditions have been fulfilled. 
This page contains all the information you will need ahead of attending your interview with us, but should you have any questions, please contact our specialised interviews team by emailing

Message from Admissions Tutor

Congratulations on being invited to interview for our BSc (Hons) Dietetics programme. You are one step closer to studying with us! On this page, we have provided information regarding the tasks we would like you to complete in advance. It is vital that you are prepared and are able to talk about these tasks when you meet us. 
During the interview day, we will:
  • Help you to give the best account of your skills, experience and character. This enables us to decide if you will thrive in the University of Plymouth's culture.
  • Explain more about the University, the School of Health Professions and your programme.
  • Enable you to understand as much as you can about the way we work with our students and what it means to become a University of Plymouth student dietitian, to develop into a healthcare professional graduate.
The University of Plymouth is required to select applicants using a ‘values based’ approach for pre-registration health professions programmes. This is to ensure we recruit the right students with the right values, to ensure the delivery of excellent patient care. All aspects of the interview will be allied with the core values of the NHS. These NHS values are:
  • Working together for patients
  • Respect and dignity
  • Commitment to quality of care
  • Compassion
  • Improving lives
  • Everyone counts
Please ensure you read the interview pre-work below carefully as this provides information on what you need to do before attending your interview and what you need to bring with you on the day.
We look forward to meeting you at your interview and if you should need any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Best wishes,
Dr Abigail Tronco Hernandez 
Lecturer in Nutrition
School of Health Professions