Featured module: fluid dynamics
Fluid dynamics is everywhere – from the air we breathe, to the oceans that sustain our planet, to the industries that power our economy. Unlocking the secrets of the Navier-Stokes equations of fluid motion is one of the Clay Mathematics Institute’s famed Millenium Problems. This module will introduce you to these fundamental partial differential equations, as well as to many real world applications of viscous and inviscid flows in environmental and industrial contexts. Bringing together tools from dimensional analysis, vector calculus, differential equations and other areas, you can explore one of the most vibrant areas of modern applied mathematics. 

“Did you know… tsunami waves travel through the ocean at the speed of a commercial jet aircraft”

The Fluid Dynamics module was very engaging and gave us the chance to use and build on skills and methods previously learnt, like how to solve an Ordinary Differential Equation and vector calculus. We also had the chance to visit the on campus wave tank, which was a very enjoyable experience".

Daniel Boucher - BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Theoretical Physics