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Clever Student Lets is an award winning student accommodation business based in Plymouth, winning The Times ‘Student Lettings Agency of the Year 2016 - Gold Award’. Over the last three years, they have worked with five groups of students from two different modules.

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The projects:

One of the modules, English for Global Communication, is designed to develop third year students’ practical ability to communicate effectively in English, in international situations, enhance their understanding of intercultural communication and their ability to reflect on and develop their skills in using English. They have undertaken three projects for CSL:

1.       general marketing strategy to attract international students

2.       creation of a welcome pack for international students

3.       social media strategy to attract international students.

The second module is Project Management, which introduces 2nd year, business management students to projects and project management in contemporary organisations. They have undertaken two projects for CSL:

1.       competitor analysis – secondary research

2.       customer research – primary research.

2nd year, customer research case study:

James Deacon, Sales and Service Manager for Clever Student Lets said:

“We set a group of Plymouth Business School students the task of researching into what’s most important to international and UK students with regards to accommodation. We set the task with an end in mind of some bits and bobs of info to help us review our focus for tenants. However, at the end of module meeting, I was presented with a document that not only gave me a detailed, conclusive and very thorough account of what we asked for but it also rivalled some of the multiple marketing and research agencies I have worked with in the past. The project was broad, yet concise in results and summary – a huge target market was studied and the end result was above and beyond what anyone had anticipated.

As a result of this document we have made a number of changes, including:

  • The report detailed that internet is number one priority for the majority of students. On the back of this we upgraded over 350 virgin media accounts to the best in the country and have received fantastic feedback from students.
  • Maintenance – with this and similar areas being a high priority for international students, we have hired two extra staff and created positions dedicated to improving maintenance inspections and also communications. Again, a great success.
  • The feedback from international students has seen us employ a Chinese specialist (removing one of our major language barriers) and also increase our move in communications.

In summary, the report has helped us sharpen our sword and I look forward to future groups researching this ever changing market.” 

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