Devon Disability Collective

A group of Inspiring Futures students undertook a consultancy project for Devon Disability Collective as part of their assessed module. They completed a competitor analysis and identified potential new customers.


Devon Disability Collective

Devon Disability Collective’s products are made by people with disabilities and those furthest from the labour market. They are a social enterprise and are proud to be a British manufacturer.

Devon Disability Collective has over 55 years’ experience manufacturing products to their clients' specifications and have built strong relationships with companies throughout the UK in the private and public sectors. They further offer packing, light engineering, contract sewing, upholstery and mobility services.


The students' project

The students produced a detailed competitor analysis that included: strengths and weaknesses; competitors; market outlook; locations; strategies; product range; and recommendations. They also thoroughly researched various sectors that hadn’t even been on Devon Disability Collective's radar for customers.

Luke Rogers, Marketing Manager for Devon Disability Collective said:

"With busy day-to-day schedules we have little time to spend on this kind of work. All this information will enable us to explore new avenues, better understand the needs of our customers, provide the right product at the right price, and further use these research documents as a foundation to build on for the future."

"We were absolutely delighted with the results of the Plymouth Business School students. Knowing the short time scale the students had, we didn’t expect a great deal, but they exceeded our expectations. They were organised and focused, and they really pulled together under the leadership of James and Hazel. They produced a professional, practical working document for our company that we will utilise and build on."