Collaborative community working
Inspiring Futures opens the door between businesses and students from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business. This programme provides students with the opportunity to apply themselves to a real business challenge and gain invaluable experience through Knowledge Exchange activities. At the same time, businesses benefit from the talents and skills the students provide. Their work is provided at no financial cost to the businesses and accelerates their growth and development.
The module, Collaborative and Contextual Practice, part of the BA (Hons) Creative Media course at the University of Plymouth, is an example of the Inspiring Futures programme in action. The module enables students to understand the collaborative processes required to work in many professional sectors, such as teamwork, communication, and planning. It also provides students with the opportunity to put their research and development skills and knowledge into practice by contributing to new products or forms of cultural production through collaborative teamwork. Inspiring Futures ensures that students are provided with the opportunity to learn about what will be required from them in a professional setting, carrying out a project for a real client and learning from the experience.
Aminah, who recently completed this module, provided insight into their time working with a local client to expand their social media presence. By creating high-quality social media posts and expanding to platforms alternative to Facebook, such as Instagram, the student developed and delivered a strategic and targeted marketing campaign.

I am a keen history enthusiast and a Plymouth local, so when this project was pitched, my interest was immediately piqued. As social media marketing is an area that I would like to work in, I also knew that this project would provide me with valuable experience in working on a client’s brief.

Aminah Miah, BA (Hons) Creative Media undergraduate student

The company’s aim was to save and restore a local landmark and turn it into a multi-space venue. Accentuating the client’s community focus, the student initially planned to use interviews in their marketing campaign. Regrettably, they couldn’t gather enough interviews for what they had planned for. They overcame this barrier by rethinking their idea and cited a poem written about the heritage site to create a short documentary instead. For other content within the marketing campaign, the student also used GIFs, a new skill they developed through the project.
The business received an effective, broad social media marketing campaign, and Aminah gained experience of working on a collaborative project, refining their skills within a professional setting. These skills included: creativity, communication, problem solving and new marketing techniques. The content of the project also helped the student with their portfolio.
“The final outcomes I created for this project are certainly something that I will post on my portfolio website and professional social media pages, as they showcase a range of skills, including my ability to create GIFs and video editing.” – Aminah Miah, BA (Hons) Creative Media undergraduate student.
Student Knowledge Exchange projects such as these enable students to apply the skills they learn and develop throughout their degree to real world, professional challenges. Not only does this further their own skills, it also provides them with experience to add to their portfolio, whilst businesses benefit from the students’ knowledge and creative skills.
This case study was written by Archie Peters, a student from the University of Plymouth. Connect with Archie on LinkedIn.

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Alongside creative media production you will develop the critical and collaborative skills required to succeed in this rapidly evolving sector. Media platforms are content hungry and our students produce content to an award-winning standard. Creative media brings together a range of emerging and established media practices in recognition that in contemporary culture they have well and truly converged. The course offers a unique opportunity to creatively explore multiple media and the exciting range of contexts they sit within; from the internet and mobile devices, immersive installations and video-mapping to more established forms of documentary and drama.

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