Case study: Transfers and video recording

Provided by Gemma Marshall, Senior Community Reablement Occupational Therapist, Adult Social Care, Reading Borough Council


Self-referral received from a 50 year old woman reporting difficulties with chair transfers due to osteoarthritis.


The first step was telephone triage to gather information on her medical history and perceived ability. This allowed a risk assessment to be completed, and she was identified as being suitable for a virtual appointment. The telephone call allowed me to gain consent for and explain the proposed process of a virtual assessment. She had family whom could assist and provide a video on her behalf. 

I requested a video of transfers, from current seating to standing and mobility around the home be sent to my work phone via WhatsApp. Once received, I was able to identify the barriers and propose and confirm an intervention via a follow-up telephone call.

New seating was provided and a video appointment was arranged for review. During the video call, I provided instructions for the client to re-arrange postural support cushions for herself and provide further advice on seating and postural management. Transfers were also re-assessed during the call.

Once transfer, pressure relief and postural needs were safely met, the case was closed.


As the client had declined a home visit due to anxieties surrounding COVID, telephone triage followed by a virtual assessment meant she could still be seen.

The telephone and online appointments and use of video recordings led to a number of positive outcomes for the client, including:

  • increased independence with transfers;
  • increased postural support and comfort;
  • increased pressure relief management;
  • improved safety and reduced risk of falls;
  • reduced need for a long-term care package;
  • increased quality of life.