FRESH AIR international research programme

The University of Plymouth is leading on several projects within the FRESH AIR programme including the pulmonary rehabilitation projects in remote settings, starting in mountain villages in Crete with aims to progress to remote high altitude nomadic communities in Kyrgyz Republic and rural communities in Vietnam.

There is also a project evaluating an education programme for midwives in rural Uganda to deliver improving pregnancy outcomes and child health in the first six months of life. 

The project teaches people about the dangers of biomass smoke from cooking fires, from kerosene lamps and other sources, including tobacco smoking.

Professor Rupert Jones is leading a team of Plymouth researchers within an international collaboration in a range of studies addressing the problem of chronic lung disease in resource-poor settings.

Who is involved?

The University of Plymouth, UK

Makerere University, Uganda

  • Dr Bruce Kirenga and team

University of Groningen, Holland

  • Dr Frederik van Gemert 
  • Professor Niels Chavannes.

The Breathe Again Africa Project

A crowd-funded project to build a pulmonary rehabilitation centre in Kampala to treat people with chronic lung disease without using drugs.

With chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) now the third leading cause of death in the world, and a rising prevalence in Africa, now is the time to put the research into pulmonary rehabilitation into practice.

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Project media

“I was feeling weak all the time. I couldn’t sleep, I could do nothing at home and I didn’t know what to do. As I went through the programme I realised that it was a real medicine to my health. I feel strong, stronger than before, and I can now stay longer at the place of work. I am so happy and I appreciate the directors of this programme.” – patient's account

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