Plymouth Peatland Research Group
Peatlands are a type of wetland that are typically characterised by a deep organic layer, but differ globally in their hydrology, chemistry and subsequent vegetation composition.
We are a group of scientists, based primarily in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, who are interested in the (paleo)ecology, biogeochemistry and archaeology of peatland ecosystems.
Our research falls into the thematic areas of peatland ecosystem services, restoration practice, and impacts of disturbance regimes on peatland function.  
Within the ecosystem services theme, projects focus on regulatory and cultural services.  We are working with partners to understand carbon sequestration and storage in temperate peatlands (e.g., the NERC and Southwest Water-funded work on methanogenesis). Our work in lowland temperate peatlands also covers elements of water quality (a key provisioning service).  Within the cultural services branch, we focus on the place of peatlands in community heritage, the importance of the Historic Environment in both lowland and upland temperate peatlands and use the peatland archive to evaluate long-term changes in the terrestrial biosphere.
Our contributions around restoration practice include monitoring the recovery of above-ground peatland systems following interventions and providing specialist advice and input to planning restoration practices (particularly around how to assess and integrate cultural services into management of peatlands). For example, both Dr Paul Lunt and Professor Ralph Fyfe co-authored technical reviews for the IUCN peatlands review through the 2010s and provide specialist advice to landscape-scale restoration projects, and Professor Ralph Fyfe sits of the advisory board of the Southwest Peatlands Partnership.
Our research within the themes of peatland disturbance and resilience includes fundamental work on wildfire and anthropogenic activities across both North America and Europe (e.g. the PeakFireRes project). Our work integrates stakeholders throughout the research process to drive positive change in management and mitigate risk to peatland functioning (e.g., collaboration with the Boreal Ecosystem Recovery and Assessment project). 
We use a combination of long-term (decadal to millennial) and contemporary approaches to understanding peatland functioning, using palaeoecological methods to complement and extend modern monitoring practice and real-time carbon flux and vegetation measurements. This allows us to understand the impact of historic and recent disturbances on ecological processes (e.g. the Reclaiming Exmoor project and the Wet Woodlands Research Network). These insights are shared with peatland managers through individual project networks with key stakeholders, and wider University-level events such as themed annual Research Festival events.
Peatland, Slapton, Devon
Burned peatland in Canada
Peat core
Treed peatland in Canada

Key publications


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Peatlands in the county of Connemara, Ireland