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Message is dedicated to the development and discussion of contemporary visual communication messages through research, particularly, but not exclusively, within graphic design, typography, illustration and publishing.

The intention of the group is to support the development of new knowledge, enabling the exploration and expansion of critical and interdisciplinary activities and debates around visual language and health.


Our aims

  • Contribute to and lead dialogue, critical debate and discovery of new knowledge related to visual communication and its importance to health.
  • Develop collaborative, international and interdisciplinary relationships, codesigning artefacts and publications.
  • To capture the impact visual communication has on health, enhancing science for transformative change.
  • Develop visual communication postgraduate, research and teaching opportunities.
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Research opportunities

We are currently inviting PhD applications within the following areas:

  • Visual communication – animation, drawing, illustration, graphic design, publishing and typography
  • History and contexts
  • Interdisciplinary practice
  • Traditional, contemporary and emerging media/technologies
  • Authorship, message, audience, markets and narrative
  • Narrative, editorial, identity and brand, information envisionment
  • Communication design for social and behavioural change
  • Ethics and sustainability
  • Communication design and curatorial practice
  • Archives and Community
  • The functions of illustration
  • The elucidation of meaning in children’s publishing through illustration
  • Web design as a form of graphic communication from critical, historical or aesthetic perspectives
  • Web typography and it’s implications – such as web/open fonts, typography in the age of content management, responsive web design, accessibility
  • The impact of digital interactivity on engagement with visual narrative
  • Visual communication, spirituality and contemplation
  • Pedagogy

Arts, humanities and business postgraduate research degrees

As a research degree student within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business, you will become part of a scholarly community that proudly includes a wide range of approaches and disciplines.
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