Dr Tina Joshi

Dr Tina Joshi

Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology

School of Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Health)


Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology (Teaching and Research) 

Lead for Microbial Diagnostics and Infection Control Research Group 

Employability Co-ordinator for School of Biomedical Sciences 

After completing BSc and PhD studies at Cardiff University, I undertook several postdoctoral roles from 2012-2017 before commencement of a Lectureship at the University of Plymouth. I specialise in infection control of clinically-relevant bacteria (Clostridium difficile) and development of molecular diagnostics for antibiotic resistant organisms.

Recently our research into Clostridium difficile spore resistance to chlorine and persistance on hospital gowns has made UK and international news. The paper has been published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2019).

In 2018 I was awarded the Hind Rattan "Jewel of India" Award from the Indian Government (Non-Resident Indian Welfare Society of India) for diasporal achievements in academia within the country of my birth - the UK. 

ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0002-5965-4055

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2019: Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice with Distinction (PGCD)

2019: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

2012: PhD Pharmacy "Pathogenicity and a bedside real time detection assay for C. difficile in the faeces of hospitalised patients". Cardiff University

2008: BSc Microbiology Hons. Cardiff University

Professional membership

Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (FIBMS)

Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA)

Member of Royal Society of Biology (MRSB)

Member of Society for Applied Microbiology

Member of Microbiology Society

Member of Antibiotic Research UK 

Member of Healthcare Infection Society

STEM Ambassador

Roles on external bodies

Journal of Applied Microbiology
Letters in Applied Microbiology
FEMS Microbiology Letters
BMC Microbiology
American Journal of Infection Control

Public Engagement:
Microbiology Society Champion- Plymouth
STEM Ambassador
SoapBox Science Plymouth Organiser 2019

External Committees
Microbiology Society Policy Committee
Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) Scientific Committee Member
Techniquest Cardiff- AMR project expert advisor

Internal Committees
University of Plymouth Public Engagement Steering Group

Teaching interests

Molecular microbiology in infectious disease, clinical microbiology, molecular diagnosis of microbial infections and bacterial genomics. This includes supervision of PG and UG students. Achieved Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2019 and the Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice with Distinction (PGCD).

I encourage an open and relaxed learning environment where students feel able and comfortable to ask questions and enjoy learning.

Module Leader:
BHCS001 Infection, Immunity & Therapeutics
BHCS2006 Infection, Immunity & Disease
BHCS3003 Clinical Microbiology

Research Project Supervisor:
BIOM5006 MSc Biomedical Sciences Research Projects (Biosensor and Molecular Microbiology focussed)
BHCS3021 Research Project in Healthcare Sciences
BHCS3001 Research Projects in Molecular Microbiology & Infection Control

Other Teaching Involvement:
BHCS1011 Study Skills and personal development
BHCS1006 Infection & Immunity
BHCS2001 Biology of Disease
BHCS2027 Placements & Employability
BHCS3016 Public Health Infection Sciences (Biodefense and Clinical Bacteriology)
BHCS5008 Infection & Immunity

Research interests

Described in detail on Tina's research pages:


Rapid point of care detection of Antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria

Tina is an expert in the development of novel ultra-rapid point-of-care diagnostics for detection of infections (recently featured on BBC One's "The Truth about Antibiotics"). She is developing an international reputation of excellence within this area.

Tina's wealth of experience (<10 years) lies specifically in the areas of novel microwave-enhanced rapid diagnostics for microbial detection, combined with the newest developments in Molecular Biology. She has honed these multidisciplinary skills from commencement of her PhD (2008-2012) where she worked at the Institute of Fluorescence at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Country and with global experts in novel rapid diagnostics.

Areas of expertise include: Field effect transistors, thin-film transistors, application of Microwave engineering to molecular biology, aptamer design, aptamer-functionalisation of nanoparticles, microwave-accelerated metal enhanced fluorescence, microbial bioinformatics and biosensor development.

Infection Control & Microbicides

Tina has a strong interest in infection control and this research looks to understand how biocide use can affect the genomic and phenotypic properties of bacteria/spores. A key theme is Clostridium difficile spore transfer across clinical environments and resistance to chlorine disinfection.

Other research

Other interests include:

Bacillus anthracis decontamination and detection in the field.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Tina has successfully and independently supervised both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Applications for PhD research in Tina's areas of expertise are welcomed. Please email: tina.joshi@plymouth.ac.uk

Current PhD students 

Alexandra Gartshore (2019- 2023) The molecular effects of microwave irradiation upon antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens (Director of Studies)
Justyna Lopatecka (2018-2021) - Establishment and characterization of human alveolar macrophage like cell lines (Co-supervisor)

Grants & contracts

Tina is developing a strong track record in obtaining research funding:

Clostridium difficile spore biology in hospital infection control
(PI: Dr T. Joshi) Royal Society of Biology Travel Grant for Summer research at Universidad de Andres Bello; Santiago, Chile.
May 2019
Total Value: £500

Efficacy of point-of-care microwave technologies to release DNA from AMR microorganisms present in Urinary Tract infections
(PI: Dr T. Joshi) Harry Smith Vacation Studentship: Microbiology Society 
April 2019 
Total Value: £1475

Exploring the Impact of a hand held ultra-rapid Point of Care diagnostic (5 minutes) which targets antibiotic resistance genes
(PI: Dr T. Joshi) Research Impact & Innovation Fund, University of Plymouth
Sept 2018
Total Value: £17500

Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) Travel Grant
(Dr T. Joshi) HIS International Conference, Liverpool, Nov 2018
Sept 2018
Total Value: £750

Adherence of C. difficile spores to surgical gowns 
(PI; Dr. T. Joshi) Dr. Robert Burky & Rideout Hospital, California, USA, & University of California (UCLA) 
June 2018
Total Value: £1800

Persistence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria on Clinical isolation gowns 
Society for Applied Microbiology "Students into Work Grant" Miss Clare Brown
May 2018
Total Value: £2490      

Adherence of C. difficile spores to surgical gowns
Dr. Robert Burky & Rideout Hospital, California, USA, & University of California (UCLA) 
December 2016
Total Value: £4143 

Key publications are highlighted

Dyer C, Hutt LP, Burky R & Joshi LT 2019 'Biocide resistance and transmission of Clostridium difficile spores spiked onto clinical surfaces from an American healthcare facility' Applied and Environmental Microbiology , DOI PEARL
Joshi LT, Welsch A, Hawkins J & Baillie L 2017 'The effect of hospital biocide sodium dichloroisocyanurate on the viability and properties of Clostridium difficile spores' Lett Appl Microbiol 65, (3) 199-205 Author Site , DOI PEARL
Imtiaz A, Lees J, Choi H & Joshi LT 2015 'An Integrated Continuous Class-${\rm F} ^{-1}$ Mode Power Amplifier Design Approach for Microwave Enhanced Portable Diagnostic Applications' IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 63, (10) 3007-3015 , DOI PEARL
Joshi LT, Mali BL, Geddes CD & Baillie L 2014 'Extraction and Sensitive Detection of Toxins A and B from the Human Pathogen Clostridium difficile in 40 Seconds Using Microwave-Accelerated Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence' PLoS ONE 9, (8) e104334-e104334 , DOI PEARL
Joshi LT, Phillips DS, Williams CF, Alyousef A & Baillie L 2012 'Contribution of Spores to the Ability of Clostridium difficile To Adhere to Surfaces' Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78, (21) 7671-7679 , DOI PEARL
Drevinek P, Baldwin A, Lindenburg L, Joshi LT, Marchbank A, Vosahlikova S, Dowson CG & Mahenthiralingam E 2009 'Oxidative Stress ofBurkholderia cenocepaciaInduces Insertion Sequence-Mediated Genomic Rearrangements That Interfere with Macrorestriction-Based Genotyping' Journal of Clinical Microbiology 48, (1) 34-40 , DOI PEARL
Waterfield S, Hutt L, Burky R & Joshi LT Waterfield S, Hutt L, Burky R & Joshi LT 0 'Isolation and characterization of Clostridioides difficile spores from contaminated single-used surgical gowns' 01/01/1900 01/01/1900 , DOI PEARL

Reports & invited lectures

"Development of rapid diagnostics for infections" at University of Surrey Exploiting the Potential of Rapid Diagnostic Test Technology and Mobile Connectivity conference, 29 - 30 May 2019. 

"Rise of Superbugs" at Swansea University, Institute of Life Science, 29th November 2019.

Other academic activities

Patents Granted:

Baillie, L & Joshi L.T.  EP2847348B1 A screening method for the detection of Clostridium difficile.

Strong engagement with Media in promoting understanding of Antimicrobial Resistance and antimicrobial stewardship. This includes newspaper articles, blogs, online social media, radio and national television.

Additional information

I am a strong advocate for promoting STEM with the aim of encouraging interest in studying these subjects.
I continue to mentor students with their prospective scientific career choices and am heavily involved in varying Women in Science mentorship schemes. I am interested in advancing equality across HE, specifically with regard to Race Equality (Race Equality Charter) and Gender Equality through the Athena Swan Charter at the University of Plymouth. I also work with Charity Well Connected to promote dental hygiene and antibiotic awareness.

I am part of:
Inspiring the Future
STEM Ambassador
STEM Plymouth
Women in STEM Plymouth