Staff in a care home - image courtesy of Shutterstock

PIHR members work on a number of projects specifically researching the provision of health and care for older people living in care homes. This includes two projects with care homes in the Torbay and South Devon local authority areas which focus on the delivery of personalised care and the development of a culture of research within care homes, details of which can be found below.

For more information about the projects below please contact Dr Susie Pearce 

The EHCH Framework Study

The Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) framework study funded by the Torbay Medical Research Fund is led by Chief Investigator Dr Susie Pearce and co-applicants Professor Richard Byng and Dr Iain Lang supported by Research Fellow Dr Gary Hodge
The EHCH framework aims to deliver high-quality personalised care in care homes, support residents living in a care home access to the right care and right health services in the place of their choosing, and enable effective use of resources to reduce unnecessary conveyances to hospital. 
The qualitative study will explore the implementation of the EHCH framework across eight care homes across the Torbay and South Devon region by capturing the experiences and voices of residents, family members and care staff. Alongside resident, carer and family involvement the study includes a wide range of stakeholder representation from Healthwatch Torbay, Devon Care Homes Collaborative and Torbay and South Devon Foundation Trust and the wider health and social care sector. 
The primary aim of the study is to explore what works, what does not work, and what would support care homes to engage in the EHCH framework in a collaborative and sustainable way.

The Development of Research Knowledge and Culture in Care Homes 

The development of research knowledge and research culture within care homes project funded by the NIHR CRN (South West Peninsula) is led by Chief Investigator Dr Susie Pearce and supported by Research Fellow Dr Gary Hodge
The project aims to promote awareness and identify care home research priorities amongst care home staff in eight care homes in the Torbay and South Devon region. The project will support staff to develop a changing culture of research within care homes through educational sessions, participatory group discussion and exploration. These participatory group sessions, alongside key stakeholder interviews will collectively guide the development of a local research strategy and develop future portfolios of studies. This is a co-produced and collaborative project designed as an endeavour to expand the links between care homes and key stakeholder research organisations.