Future ready health and care

Looking at how health and care services can adapt to the challenges of an uncertain future

Healthcare systems worldwide are striving for the ‘quadruple aim’ of better population health and reducing inequalities, improved experience of care, healthcare team well-being (including that of carers) and greater system productivity. PIHR research aligns to this framework, making the work that our members carry out applied, policy relevant and of global significance. 
Cross-cutting themes include our expertise in the technological solutions that exist to support the quadruple aim and our interest in the particular needs of coastal and rural communities in achieving system transformation. This is particularly topical given new research on the profound health inequalities that exist between coastal and non-coastal areas and of inequities in the provision of care relative to underlying need. Such challenges are further exacerbated by the relative digital immaturity of some deprived areas with respect to e.g., electronic health records and the inclusion of citizens as well as significant organisational stress with respect to e.g., deficits and waiting times.

Broadly, our research falls into four sub-themes:

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