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Using data and analytical approaches to improve healthcare services for patient and public benefit
The aim of these workshops is to catalyse the benefit of academic research for healthcare patients, bridging the gap between research and practice. In addition to the workshops, we will be organising regular meetings for academic staff and non-academic partners to showcase their work and exchange knowledge.

Project partners

  • IRIS Intelligence 
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals Business Intelligence
  • NHS Kernow Datalab
  • NHS Business Services Authority
  • Health Education England
  • Cisco


The Health Data Research (HDR) group at the University of Plymouth is running two workshops under the broad theme of using data and analytical approaches to improve healthcare services for patient and public benefit.
This workshop is a great opportunity to share expertise and facilitate collaborations, leading to various project opportunities for postgraduate students.

26 June 2023 – workshop agenda

Time Content Speaker Chair
10:00–10:30 Tea and coffee, breakfast baps and fruit bowls
10:35–10:45 Welcome Archie Clements, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Innovation Nathan Broomhead
10:45–10:50 Project overview Yinghui Wei, Project PI
10:50–11:15 How AI / Health Data Science can influence health policy? Sheena Asthana, Director Centre for Health Technology
11:15–11:45 IRIS Intelligence Michael Bond and Julian Stander (University of Plymouth) Samantha Prime
11:45–12:15 BT Dave Yearling and Sriharish Kalidass
12:15–12:45 Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Philip Luke / Elizabeth Wilkinson
12:45–13:30 Lunch – Networking and Discussing Collaboration
13:30–14:00 Ipsos Eileen Irvin Stephanie Riley
14:00–14:30 Gendius Rose Sisk
14:30-15:00 Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust Matthew Halkes Laurence Bowes
15:00–15:15 Image data research Craig McNeile
15:15–15:30 PGT rapid-fire showcase Josh Gray / Michael Gulley / Shadi Babadi Julian Stander
15:30–15:45 PhD rapid-fire showcase Megan Courtman / Stephanie Riley / Xu Wang
15:45–15:50 Closing remarks Yinghui Wei
15:50–17:00 Tea/coffee – networking and discussing collaboration

11 November 2022 – workshop agenda

Time Talk Speaker Chair
11:30–11:40 Welcome Alex Belton, Head of School Nathan Broomhead
11:40–11:50 Project overview Yinghui Wei, Project PI
11:50–12:15 Plymouth Institute for Health and Care Research Sheena Asthana, Director PIHR
12:15–12:30 TClarke Rob Faro Samantha Prime
12:30–12:45 Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust Roberta Fuller
12:45-13:00 Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust Joe Turner and Brandon Chapman
13:00–13:15 IRIS Intelligence Michael Bond Stephanie Riley
13:15–13:30 Ipsos Eileen Irvin and Theano Anastasopoulou
13:30–14:00 Break
14:00–14:15 Cisco Sumeet Bhatia Samantha Prime
14:15–14:30 Gendius Mark Edge
14:30–14:45 Tango3 Mike Trebilcock
14:45–15:00 High Performance Computing, Big Data Vincent Drach and Matthew Craven Julian Stander
15:00–15:20 Academic Expertise Julian Stander, Lauren Ansell, Mariam Pirashvili, Gosia Wojtys, Mona Nasser, Craig McNeile, Luciana Dalla Valle and Nathan Broomhead Laurence Bowes
15:20–15:30 “What’s next?” Yinghui Wei