Feasts for the future 

23 August 2018, The Plymouth Athenaeum

Organised by Plymouth Energy Community as a celebration of their 'PEC pals'. PEC pals are offered a free, flexible training plan and ongoing support to enable them to contribute further to their community: for instance, reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency, or on issues concerning quality of life and social and environmental justice.

Food was provided by the excellent plant-based catering people at Red Pod.

There was music, as you can see from the video below. I was too busy having a great time to get the troubadour's name. Mr Music Man, who were you? Get in touch!

Barnaby's table continued its journey, gathering more constellations, visualisations, conversations and assorted other -ations (including rations?)

Diners wandered to and from their food to contribute to the PEC pals mural, a collective reimagining of the path they have taken together, and hope to forge into the future.

Video of our event

Watch the video from our second Feast for the Future