Imaging alternatives feast for the future five

15 February 2019, Lower Deck Café in Tavistock

28 people gathered for a vegan feast provided by Blue Skies Catering, with Barnaby’s table once again providing the centrepiece. At the back of the room two display boards were set up with string; luggage labels and pens were laid on every table, with paper copies of inspirational ideas including 10:10 Carbon Crush suggestions, BioRegional One Planet principles, the Top 10 from, and a multitude of pictures. At the start of the meal the hosts declared that they’d like people to think about what a utopia of 2068 might look like, and also what needs to be done by 2030 in the context of our Climate Emergency.

And then people just started talking – and continued to talk until the meal was over and everyone left!

The world you want to see in 2030

  • Dramatic increase in the insect world
  • End to corruption in public life – especially financial
  • Cycling and green transport
  • Towns will be easy to travel around using no fossil fuel
  • Travel by green train from Tavistock
  • Cancel high speed rail
  • Cook in a slowcooker/crock pot
  • Teach people how to grow food and cook it
  • Public transport show be affordable and accessible for all
  • Children to be able to eat their produce and learn about nutrition
  • Maintain a socialist government after getting rid of the Tories in 2020
  • Renewable energy
  • Fair rights to food, homes and culture
  • More use of brownfield sites where suitable for housing
  • Stay home, grow your own
  • Fashion industry using recycled fabrics to cut down on carbon emissions
  • Local food on lovely pottery and energy from the sun, wind and sea
  • Plastic free
  • Celebrity-led drive to make conspicuous consumption ‘uncool’, encourage mend, repair and charity shop purchases, designer brands not an aspiration for the young
  • Use spare waste patches in towns to grow veg and flowers for local residents – healthy eating for everyone
  • Get more and more people involved
  • Local infrastructure updated for the smart grid
  • Local affordable housing for local people
  • Local power generated from renewables
  • Local energy plan implemented
  • All local travel by EVs
  • More provision for self-build
  • Making new things with our old things, accessible recycling

The world you want to see in 2068

  • Monopolies banned, big business no longer ruling the world
  • Climate change has stabilised
  • The final destruction of capitalism and inequality
  • All new developments community owned, developed and managed
  • Communities where people can live and work easily, with efficient and sustainable homes and lots of walking and cycling
  • All new houses must have greywater recycling
  • An end to homelessness and affordable housing for all
  • 100% renewable electricity and heat
  • Educate adults, children and grandchildren
  • Learn how to reduce your own carbon footprint in your home
  • All houses made energy efficient by retrofit or design
  • Tavistock has its railway back
  • 80% of food produced locally and consumed within the locality – no more food miles
  • 100% love
  • Everyone has a home and a right to contribute and be valued by society
  • Limited production of new goods and reuse/recycling paramount
  • Everyone should know where their power comes from
  • Education – taking the message to everyone, care for our environment
  • 99% recycling