East-the-Water Community Primary School

Providing a happy, caring, learning environment where every child and adult is respected and valued

East-the-Water School is a North Devon Primary school who are very active in the North Devon Teaching Alliance

They have been strong partners with the University for many years, hosting many students, developing a highly successful School Direct model and engaging in a number of research projects. 

They were early advocates of the UPPScale project and proactive in its conception, design and ongoing development.


Headteacher: Catherine Higley
Lead Contacts: Adam Buckeridge 
Researcher in Residence: Beth Gompertz and Jan Georgeson.

East-the Water Community Primary School

Recent and current projects

  • Partner school for the PhenoloGIT project – a European collaboration developing an App to monitor and map seasonal change in indicator species using iPads.
  • Development of Children’ Research Group – currently looking at travel to school.

  • Piloting of observation as a co-learning CPD vehicle with NQTs (and this year also School Direct students). 
  • Staff Research CPD events
  • Interested in mentor training and hosting a Masters support group at the school.
East-the-Water Community Primary School