Links across the University

The University is a hub of knowledge exchange, teaching, learning and collaboration. UPPScale wants to highlight all the pedagogical activities, resources and educational partnerships happening elsewhere in the University.

Below is a collection of links to showcase the wonderful educational initiatives between the University and the community.

The Law Clinic

The Law Clinic is a vehicle for experiential learning, partnerships and interdisciplinary engagement. Taking law out into the community, schools and colleges, students use a variety of interactive methods to help the community understand their rights and responsibilities. In partnership with the Institute of Education, the Law Clinic works with schools, educators and trainee teachers who support and promote learning and the law.

University of Plymouth Law Clinic

Particle physics with local schools

Dr Craig McNeile, Lecturer in Theoretical Physics and Dr Antonio Rago, Associate Professor in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics introduced students from local schools to particle physics. Students in years 11-13 were given introductory lectures by Craig and Antonio. Students used experimental data measured at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, to estimate the mass and lifetime of a specific meson particle.

Dr Vincent Drach, a visiting scientist at CERN in Geneva and part of the University‚Äôs theoretical physics group, organised the event to help engage young people in the subject. At the end of day, the students shared their results in a video conference, organized by CERN, with over 200 students located in Italy, Romania, Spain and Honduras. The Institute of Education is eager to promote the range of educational activity and school partnerships across the University, as well as internationally. 

Particle physics masterclass