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In Plymouth, 20% of schoolchildren haven’t been to the sea, despite ‘Britain’s Ocean City’ being bounded on three sides by water. Why? 
Anecdotal evidence suggests an overarching disconnection between those who live in coastal communities and the places themselves. Economic issues such as lost marine-related employment and limited household finances also play their part, all linking to a changed sense of sociocultural identity that comes with losing traditional industries.

Exploring the relationship between cultural identity and place

Urban dialogues

Bringing together various disciplines from across the University, along with community, voluntary, governmental, non-governmental, and entrepreneurial organisations, urban dialogues explores and shares how to approach the making and experience of place and community and create fresh opportunities for synergies in our thinking and approaches. Projects include looking at outdoor play areas locally and the regeneration of marginalised neighbourhoods internationally.
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Casting a Line to the Land: Narratologies of Embodied Rituals and Connectivity to Place

Looking at the shared experience of fly-fishing, Dr Latham looks at intellectual tools to understand the deep-rooted connections between our body and the environment. She is studying the ritual, place and landscape to develop a larger understanding of environmental experience and how these rituals have remained resilient in the face of change.
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Peninsula Research in Outdoor Learning (PRinOL)

An institute for outdoor learning, PRinOL is part of a national network that supports and encourages research by outdoor practitioners and organisations. Collaboratively, PRinOL looks at outdoor learning as a source of ecological wellbeing, as having an impact on children’s physical activity and memory making, and as a way to connect young people to real-world topics.
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