Miss Zoe Latham

Miss Zoe Latham

School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Zoe Latham is a funded Doctoral Researcher and Associate Lecturer in the Architecture Department at the University of Plymouth.


Recently completed a Master of Architecture from the University of Plymouth. The main focus of my study during this time was cultural landscape, ritual and place-attachment.I am currently an MPhil/ PhD candidate continuing research in these areas at the University of Plymouth.

I have experience working in Shenzhen, China and New York, USA. During this time my projects ranged from large-scale landscape design and high-end interior to historic preservation and adaptive reuse. 


(2018 - present) MPhil/ PhD researcher - Architecture

(2016 - 2018) Master of Architecture, University of Plymouth

(2009 - 2012) BA (Hons) Architecture, University of Plymouth

Teaching interests

(2017 - present) Ba (Hons) Architecture Year 1 Design Studio

Research interests

- place and architecture

- landscape urbanism
- embodied rituals
- cultural landscapes
- the river and fly-fishing (own ritual practice in the landscape)
- qualitative methodologies

Key publications are highlighted

Latham Z & Brown R 2018 'Shenzhen’s Urban Villages: Dialogic cultural landscapes and resilient rituals' Socio.hu Social Science Review (Special Issue No. 6) , DOI PEARL
Other Publications
Latham ZE 2019 Architecture and Place. https://secularliturgies.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/architecture-and-place-by-zoe-latham/?fbclid=IwAR2xn494gATgkRflGgi5bBt54OIwg3TsUt7xrxoch0LpwAJRm4UbfzztwhA Secular Liturgies 0 0
Latham ZE 2018 Casting a Line to the Land. 0 0

Other academic activities


March 2018. Cultural Heritage and social cohesion, Institute for Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. Paper titled "Shenzhen's Urban Villages: Dialogic cultural landscapes and resilient rituals".