Zoe Latham

Zoe Latham


School of Art, Design and Architecture (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

Zoe Latham can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Cultural identity and architecture
  • Landscape
  • Place
  • Perception
  • Film and architecture


Zoe Latham is a doctoral researcher and lecturer in architecture at the University of Plymouth. Her architectural praxis looks to embodied ritualised connections to landscape in order to better understand and create places that nurture connection and meaning. This focus progresses ideas of place and identity through a range of ethnographic tools, including film, cognitive mapping and storytelling. Preceding her return to academia, Zoe worked as an architectural designer in New York, concentrating on adaptive reuse, regeneration and conservation of architecture. Prior to working in the USA, Zoe worked in Shenzhen, China for two years; working on high-end interior design, conceptual architectural and landscape design.



Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

(2018–present) PhD researcher – Architecture

(2016–2018) Master of Architecture with Distinction, University of Plymouth

(2009–2012) BA (Hons) Architecture, University of Plymouth

Professional background

(2014–2016) Stephen Tilly Architects, New York, USA

(2012–2014) KSR Architects, Shenzhen, China

(2010–2012) Space Design Architecture Ltd, Cornwall, UK



Teaching interests

(2022 - present) HKU SPACE BA (Hons) Architectural Studies 建築學榮譽文學士 - Year 3 Design Studio, Lecturer 

(2022 - present) BA (Hons) Architecture Year 3 Design Studio, Lecturer

(2021–2022) University of Plymouth International College Foundation in Architecture, Practical Design Skills, Associate Lecturer

(2019–present) BA (Hons) Architecture Year 1 Communication, Module Leader

(2017–present) BA (Hons) Architecture Year 1 Design Studio, Lecturer

2019 BA (Hons) Architecture Year 1 Design Studio project at Riverside Community Primary School nomination for RIBA MacEwen Award 'Multidisciplinary student team from University of Plymouth turn windswept hill into learning space':



Research interests

Zoe Latham is a PhD candidate in the Architecture Department at the University of Plymouth.

PhD: Casting a Line to the Land: Narratologies of Embodied Rituals and Connectivity to Place
Supervisory Team: Professor Robert Brown (DoS) & Dr Mathew Emmett

Conceptions of landscape within architecture demand extension and reinvention, reflecting our increasing understanding that landscapes are neither fixed nor passive, and of their capacity to enrich cultural imaginations of place and time; and engender rootedness and connection, belonging and identity, emplacement and embodiment. This research does not attempt to redefine landscape or to provide an answer to its ambivalence; instead, it encourages an exploration of how landscape manifests itself in and through a single phenomenon and shared experience of fly-fishing. In turn, this study aims to sharpen our intellectual tools for understanding place-based phenomena and deep-rooted connections between the body/environment.

Examining this relational context of people’s engagement with the world, this study of ritual, place and landscape draws upon and expands architectural discourse and practices into a larger understanding of meaning and environmental experience. This research studies the ritualised behaviours of fly-anglers through narratological methods, mental mapping and film, interrogating notions of sense of place and place attachment and its marked corollary in architectural discourse.

- landscape, place & landscape urbanism

- embodiment & ritual

- phenomenology

- narratological methods (including mapping, film, storytelling) 

Other research


September 2021. Festival of Discovery. Futures 21' Voyage of Discovery. Presented and screened 360 Immersive Film 'River Plym from Source to Sea' with Linda Ward

July 2021. AVANCA International Film Conference. Presented 'How might we simulate a riverside experience through virtual collaboration?' a paper and film co-authored with Linda Ward

May 2021. EDRA Just Environments: Presented 'The Dialogics of Tulous: a simultaneous presence and embrace of difference across cultural landscape, heritage and space' a paper co-authored with Prof. Robert Brown and Anqi Dong

September 2019. Test Space: Expositions of practice led research, Plymouth University Fine Art Studios, Royal William Yard. Presented film as auto-ethnographic method entitled 'Embodied Rituals of Fly-fishing'.

September 2019. Flows of Entanglements: how rivers shape identities, University of Plymouth.
Co-convener and participant of methodology roundtable chaired by Professor Owain Jones (Bath Spa University) - presented MPhil/ PhD Methodologies.

May 2019. Rethinking Post Recovery Space, Presented Master of Architecture work with focus Macau flooding. 

March 2018. Cultural heritage and social cohesion, Institute for Sociology, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. Presented paper titled "Shenzhen's Urban Villages: Dialogic cultural landscapes and resilient rituals":

University of Plymouth talks given

November 2021 – History Theory and Critical Context 511, Guest lecture on theme of Landscape and Being in the world, '(re)placing Landscape in Architecture'

November 2021 – M.Arch PhD research summary & methodology

October 2021 – History Theory and Critical Context 501 Film making Workshop with Linda Ward.

November 2020 – M.Arch Stonehouse Matters Symposium, delivered talk on Connecting to Landscape

October 2020 – History Theory and Critical Context 501 '(re)placing Landscape in Architecture' 

October 2020 – History Theory and Critical Context 501 Film making and Architecture with Linda Ward 

February 2020 – Dialogue: towards a community of praxis Professor Robert Brown Inaugural Professorial Lecture talk 'How do we connect to place?'

October 2019 – M.Arch Design Studio collaborative talk on film-making with Linda Ward 'Ourselves the Water'

May 2019 – Rethinking Post Recovery Space talk on 'M.Arch Programme in Macau - trauma and response'

Research groups


Portfolio of selected work

Award nominations


Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Latham Z & Ward L (2021) 'How might we simulate a riverside experience through virtual collaboration?' AVANCA | CINEMA 950-956 , DOI Open access
Brown R & Warwick P (2021) 'Community Campus as Threshold: A Space of Dialogue for Academia and the Community' Journal of Dialogue Studies (9) 70-96 Publisher Site Open access
Latham Z & Brown R (2018) 'Shenzhen’s Urban Villages: Dialogic cultural landscapes and resilient rituals' Socio.hu Social Science Review (Special Issue No. 6) , DOI Open access
Fletcher M (2020) Visual Communication for Architects and Designers Constructing the Persuasive Presentation. Routledge
Conference Papers
Brown R & Latham Z 'Beyond Blade Runner: A dialogic of the everyday in Macau's fictional landscape' EAUH 2018 Urban renewal and resilience cities in comparative perspective 8-/-0/2018Open access
Visual Communication for Architects and Designers: Constructing the Persuasive Presentation.
Other Publications
Latham Z (2020) Casting a line to place: embodied rituals, cultural landscapes and their potential to (re)connect. https://lex.wpcreative.io/content/casting-a-line-to-place-embodied-rituals-cultural-landscapes-and-their-potential-to-reconnect/
Latham ZE (2019) Architecture and Place. https://secularliturgies.wordpress.com/2019/03/30/architecture-and-place-by-zoe-latham/?fbclid=IwAR2xn494gATgkRflGgi5bBt54OIwg3TsUt7xrxoch0LpwAJRm4UbfzztwhA Secular Liturgies
Latham ZE (2018) Casting a Line to the Land.