South West Innovation Expo
The University of Plymouth will be demonstrating its ideas, innovation and entrepreneurial excellence at a major annual event taking place in the region this March.
The South West Innovation Expo, organised by the universities of Plymouth and Exeter, is taking place at Sandy Park – home of the Exeter Chiefs – on Tuesday 5 March.
Up to 600 people from across the South West and beyond are expected to attend the event, with the audience including researchers, businesses and funding bodies.
Centred around the theme of resilience, the event will include talks by experts in energy, water and waste, environmental sustainability, health and life sciences.
It will highlight the wide range of knowledge exchange activities already in existence between the region’s business and universities, and create the potential for future collaborations.
Delegates will also be able to discover the emerging talent and innovation through University Pitchfest, an opportunity for students to pitch their business ideas to an audience of influencers and funders.
Mr Rich Adams, Business Engagement Manager at the University of Plymouth, is one of the main organisers of the South West Innovation Expo.

In this day and age, resilience is at the heart of every business. That can include environmental and technological resilience, ensuring a business has the tools it needs to develop innovative solutions and practices linked to the climate crisis. It can equally be around entrepreneurial resilience, as every person running a business these days needs to be able to adapt as demands and pressures shift. Fortunately, the South West’s business and research community has plenty of all that, and this event is a fantastic way to celebrate existing achievements and explore exciting future collaborations.

Rich AdamsRich Adams
Business Engagement Manager

The University of Plymouth academic taking part in the event will include:
  • Professor Will Blake and Dr Lee Durndell, who will discuss nature-inspired solutions to sustainable chemical, fuel and energy production;
  • Dr John Downey and Professor Judy Edworthy will talk about sector-wide transformations driving digital innovation within health and social care in the South West;
  • Dr Holly Niner will discuss some of the trials and tribulations, risks and opportunities surrounding biodiversity credits and off-setting.
There will also be representation from Enterprise Solutions, the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) team and The Cube, all of whom work closely with academics, business and students on a range of mutually beneficial initiatives.
The South West Innovation Expo is supported, sponsored and partnered by British Business Bank, Michelmores / MAINStream, Exeter Science Park, Plymouth Science Park, Epic, One Voice Media & PR Ltd, The Cube and SETSquared Exeter.

Do you want to attend the South West Innovation Expo?

The event website has more details about attending the Expo, and more detail about the activities that will be on offer during the day.
South West Innovation Expo 2021. VentureFest South West

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