International scholarships

To reward outstanding achievement the University of Plymouth offers scholarship schemes to help towards funding your studies. You could get up to 50% off your tuition fees in your first year.

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Entry requirements


We require a recognised foundation degree in addition to the Attestat o Srednem Obrzovanii (Certificate of Secondary Education). Our partner college on campus, University of Plymouth International College (UPIC), offers a wide variety of foundation courses.


We require either a Magister (Диплом Магистра), the post-1991 Specialist Diploma (Диплом Специалиста) or a Bakalavr (post-2009) with the following degree classification:

Russian classification  Russian letter grade   Alternative name   UK degree equivalent 
First Class  Excellent  1st
Second Class (Upper Division)  4  Good  2:1
Second Class (Lower Division)  3  Satisfactory/Pass  2:2

English language requirements

A recognised English language qualification (e.g. IELTS) would be required, or successful completion of one of the university's pre-sessional English language courses.