We've tried to provide all the information you will need if you are thinking about coming to study at the University of Plymouth from Russia. 

If you need to know anything else, you can contact our team using the details below. 


We require a recognised foundation degree in addition to the Attestat o Srednem Obrzovanii (Certificate of Secondary Education). Our partner college on campus, University of Plymouth International College (UPIC), offers a wide variety of foundation courses.


We require either a Magister (Диплом Магистра), the post-1991 Specialist Diploma (Диплом Специалиста) or a Bakalavr (post-2009) with the following degree classification:

Russian classification  Russian letter grade   Alternative name   UK degree equivalent 
First Class  Excellent  1st
Second Class (Upper Division)  4  Good  2:1
Second Class (Lower Division)  3  Satisfactory/Pass  2:2

English language

A recognised English language qualification (e.g. IELTS) would be required or successful completion of one of the University of Plymouth's pre-sessional English language courses. 

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