Research impact: Arts, Humanities, and Business

Researchers in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Business are actively engaged with stakeholders outside the University context, to contribute to meaningful and tangible benefits for people, the environment, and communities.

Through a comprehensive structure of impact and engagement support, which encompasses The Bridge Team, our policy forum and toolkit, and partnerships with the University’s three research Institutes, our researchers are facilitated to collaborate with an extensive range of organisations, stakeholders, networks, and publics, in diverse, embedded and innovative ways.

From the local level here in the city of Plymouth and on the South West Peninsula, to national and international contexts, these collaborations enable our research to be instrumental in establishing the opportunities and means through which enriched cultures, healthier lives, and equitable futures can flourish.

Meet our pioneering researchers

We have a proud reputation for world-leading research that is truly international, interdisciplinary, and above all, impactful. About Plymouth Pioneers.

Delivering impact: Demonstrating Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Business knowledge mobilisation impact through out impact case studies.

Research, impact and knowledge exchange

Knowledge Exchange (KE) and research activities are strongly interconnected. Researchers within the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business are supported by professional colleagues who are able to help them:

  • understand how to integrate KE activities within their research project plans to drive impact
  • develop new partnerships and collaborations
  • develop their approach to making meaningful change from their research
  • translate their research and KE activities into REF Impact and vice versa
  • identify funding opportunities
  • develop high quality funding applications.

The Bridge drives Knowledge Exchange, Impact and Placemaking initiatives for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business.