Mr Adam Bolton

Mr Adam Bolton

Technical Specialist in Hydrography

School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)

I am employed primarily to provide specialist technical support to both students and academic staff for teaching and research in the use of software and instrumentation in the specialist area of hydrography. I am responsible for identifying and maintaining appropriate equipment and instrumentation to gather data suitable for publishing and for providing the technical lead in mobilising and supporting the use of this equipment ashore and afloat.


BSc (Hons) Ocean Science at University of Plymouth then 10 years as a Surveyor at several large hydrographic survey and construction companies.

Currently studying part time at Bournemouth University in MSc Maritime Archaeology 

Professional membership

Registered Marine Technologist, Member of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology

Teaching interests

I currently assist in teaching the practical and fieldwork elements of Ocean Exploration and Surveying and MSc Hydrography