Tamar Engineering Project scholar, Elena Brake
The Tamar Engineering Project provides mentoring and financial support for students who want to embark on a career in engineering and who have shown potential for high academic achievement at A level, but whose background or personal circumstances may be a barrier to university study.
Companies that support the project provide both the financial assistance of a bursary and mentoring expertise to talented students to help them develop essential workplace skills and gain an understanding of the sector and the breadth of career opportunities open to engineering graduates.

Building on our strengths

Professor in Ocean Engineering Deborah Greaves was inspired to pursue engineering when at school she benefitted from being part of WISE (Women into Science and Engineering).
Inspiring women to enter engineering has long been a motivational cause for Deborah. Yet she is conscious that many of the national initiatives to encourage greater participation in STEM subjects have not translated into a more diverse mix of students at higher education level.
Echoing the aims of the Tamar Engineering Project, Deborah says
“It’s beyond a simple gender issue. Engineering must draw upon a much broader section of society if it is to include all the voices and ideas needed to engineer solutions for the future.”
Deborah Greaves

Your funding can change students' lives

Elena Brake, engineering student
Engineering student Thomas Stinton

I am so grateful for the funding towards this scholarship opportunity. Knowing that someone has backed me up and believed in me enough to sponsor me has given me so much confidence and additional motivation.


Your donations make a great difference in supporting a new generation of engineers, providing students with less fortunate backgrounds an equal and fair opportunity.


The Tamar Engineering Project enabled me to focus on my pursuit of marine engineering while addressing personal challenges, including coping with the loss of my father before commencing university.


The financial aid was a huge help, especially during the pandemic, as it meant there was less pressure on rent and grocery shopping and allowed for a better work-life balance, resulting in better results during my studies.