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Samuel is a first-year BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at the University of Plymouth, and this year’s recipient of the Tamar Engineering Project award. 
The Tamar Engineering Project provides mentoring and financial support to those students with engineering ambitions and high academic achievement, but who may face financial barriers. Samuel is a perfect candidate – having achieved high marks in his A-levels and demonstrated a keen interest and aptitude for engineering. 
His schoolteacher said: “Sam is a creative and innovative thinking who can apply his knowledge and skills to solve real world problems. He has the potential to become a successful engineer in the future. I have no doubt that he will make the most of this opportunity and excel in his chosen field.”
What sets Samuel apart is his keen awareness of the impact engineering has on the world and the urgent need for innovators to tackle modern challenges. With a particular interest in alternative energy sources, Samuel has been captivated by the concept that engineering is not just a field of study but a gateway to shaping a better future for humanity. 
And looking to the future, Samuel's goals extend beyond graduation – with aspirations to become a chartered engineer. He aims to gain valuable industry experience during his placement year and is committed to continuous learning and advancement in the engineering field.
Samuel's dedication to his studies and his future aspirations have been further supported by the Tamar Engineering bursary, which has eased his financial burdens and enhanced his university experience. Grateful for this opportunity, Samuel is determined to make the most of it, both academically and professionally.

Supporting a new generation of engineers

To the donors who generously support scholarships and bursaries like the Tamar Engineering Project, Samuel expresses his heartfelt gratitude.
Such contributions not only alleviate financial barriers but also nurture the talents of aspiring engineers like Samuel, paving the way for a brighter future.

Your donations make a great difference in supporting a new generation of engineers, providing students with less fortunate backgrounds an equal and fair opportunity.