Robotics equipment
Thomas, currently studying Robotics Engineering at the University of Plymouth, said that his University experience has been shaped by the Tamar Engineering Project and the mentorship he received from Vasileios Chatzimarkos.
Through regular meetings and financial support, Thomas is excelling academically and has gained practical insights to help him in his engineering journey.

A foundation for success

The informal yet enriching discussions with his mentor have extended Thomas's learning beyond textbooks, shaping his dissertation and earning him the Innovation in Engineering Award. 
The experience has allowed him to understand how classroom knowledge translates into real-world applications, laying a solid foundation for his success.
Vasileios's mentorship wasn't just about academic guidance; it has provided Thomas with valuable insights into the professional engineering world, helping him navigate career decisions with confidence.
The financial assistance from the Tamar Engineering Project was a lifeline for Thomas, particularly during the challenges posed by the pandemic. It relieved financial pressures, allowing him to focus on his studies and maintain a healthy work-life balance, ultimately enhancing his academic performance and overall wellbeing.
Engineering student Thomas Stinton

Grateful for the opportunity

Thomas expresses heartfelt gratitude to the donors of the Tamar Engineering Project and Vasileios for their unwavering support and the enriching mentorship opportunity. This experience enhanced Thomas's abilities and served as a source of inspiration for future endeavours.
Having personally experienced the benefits, Thomas enthusiastically recommends the Tamar Engineering Project and mentorship to others.
Engaging with experienced professionals offers unique insights and opportunities for growth, which Thomas believes are essential for personal and professional development.

Looking to the future

With a wealth of experience and a broader perspective gained through mentorship, Thomas looks forward to two exciting paths for the future: pursuing a PhD in Applied AI, focusing on Evolutionary Robotics, or embarking on a career as a Robotics Engineer. Both options reflect Thomas's commitment to innovation and his aspiration to make a positive impact in the engineering field.