Wave pool, COAST engineering, Marine building
Cain completed his BEng Marine Technology at the University of Plymouth in 2022. He currently holds the position of Graduate Naval Architect within the Babcock graduate programme in Scotland.
Cain's journey at the University of Plymouth was supported by the Tamar Engineering Project, which gave him invaluable support, particularly as he lost his father just before commencing his studies. This initiative provided him with helpful insights into the workplace and became a cornerstone in shaping his aspirations.
Collaborating closely with his mentor, he gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of the professional landscape; the mentor acting as both a guiding force and a sounding board for his ideas.
In addition to mentorship and support, the financial backing provided by the Tamar Engineering Project played a crucial role in Cain's academic journey. By easing the burden of student loans, it afforded him the freedom to engage fully in university life without worrying about financial constraints.

Marine engineering 

Choosing the University of Plymouth for its proximity to home and excellent reputation, Cain immersed himself in the world of marine engineering. The University's distinctive marine engineering course facilitated his career exploration, with his passion for the field solidified following a first-year project focused on designing, building and testing a boat.
Beyond academia, Cain cultivated a balanced lifestyle, utilising the University's resources including the library for academic pursuits and support services for diagnoses of autism and depression, helping him to understand his mental health. These resources underscore the University's holistic and person-centred approach to student wellbeing.
Cain extends his sincere thanks to the Tamar Engineering Project donors for their support, acknowledging the significant effect it has had on his personal and academic development. 

Providing a geniune impact

For those considering supporting this project in the future, Cain emphasises the real impact it has on individual lives.

The Tamar Engineering Project enabled me to focus on my pursuit of marine engineering while addressing personal challenges, including coping with the loss of my father before commencing university.

In retrospect, I’m delighted I chose the University of Plymouth for its renowned reputation, exceptional staff, and diverse course offerings. Dr Richard Pemberton stands out among the influential figures who shaped my academic path, while the University's location and living environment further enhance my sentiment of lifelong learning at Plymouth if given the opportunity.
buildings, Campus, City Centre - photo by Lloyd Russell