Elena Brake, engineering student
Elena is a mature student who has taken the leap from arts to engineering.
Currently studying a BEng Mechanical Engineering she has found her academic trajectory reshaped by her involvement in the Tamar Engineering Project. This initiative reshaped her academic path and opened doors to a rewarding career in environmental engineering. 
The Tamar Engineering Project's financial support has been a game-changer for Elena. With money worries alleviated, she has been able to devote herself entirely to her studies and fully immerse herself in university life.

Hands-on experience

Through the Tamar Engineering Project, Elena was introduced to environmental consultant company Fishtek, which not only provided valuable work experience but also offered a part-time job complementing her academic pursuits. Elena actively contributes to significant environmental endeavours, bridging the gap between theory and practical application.
Mike Davies from Fishtek, Elena's project mentor, has been a guiding force throughout her academic journey. Regular consultations with Mike have kept Elena motivated, offering not only academic assistance but also practical insights into applying engineering principles in real-world scenarios.
This has bolstered Elena's confidence, enhancing her university experience. As a mature student with a physical disability, the additional support has been pivotal in dismantling barriers and unlocking opportunities that once seemed unattainable.
Elena expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the donors of the Tamar Engineering Project, including the Soroptimists Plymouth and District and Fishtek, for their unwavering support. Knowing that someone believed in her potential enough to sponsor her scholarship has not only motivated her but also instilled a newfound confidence in her abilities.
Engineering student Elena Brake

Fostering diversity within engineering

Elena acknowledges the significance of backing initiatives like the Tamar Engineering Project in fostering diversity within the engineering sector. 
With a commitment to paying it forward, she looks forward to contributing to the next generation of engineers, aligning with the Engineering Council's goals of fostering diversity and inclusivity within the field.
Looking ahead, Elena envisions a career as a Mechanical Engineer, concentrating on critical environmental projects. Her aspiration is to effect positive change, embracing creativity and challenges in her daily work. Striving to attain chartership and become a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Elena embodies the ethos of continuous learning and growth.