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By its very nature, sociology is a broad-based subject – so it’s perfect preparation for adapting to the requirements of the demanding world of employment. Whether you gain more experience in your chosen field before pinpointing the role you want to aim for, or work your way up a recognised ladder of progression, the skills and knowledge gained during your degree will stand you in good stead for the future. 

Josie Harness Sociology Graduate/Graduation Picture/Social Media Friendly

How has your sociology degree helped you?

"Sociology has helped me see things from other people’s perspective and how people’s identity, environment and history shape society and the individuals in it. It has probably made me more open minded and not to judge people quickly. When I was travelling I think it was also interesting to explore these different countries and cultures with a sociological point of view."

Josie Harness travelled around South East Asia, Indonesia and India for six months after graduating and now works as a Marketing Executive at Lotta from Stockholm.