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It is well documented in pedagogical research that students who participate in exchange opportunities abroad are more likely to achieve at a higher academic level, get a job and earn more when they graduate. Why not seize the international exchange opportunities offered by the University of Plymouth to both outgoing and incoming sociology students.


Exchange opportunities for University of Plymouth students

Take the opportunity to travel. Opt to study Stage 2 of your course in one of our partner universities in the USA or Europe and seize the opportunity to spread your wings and visit new places, learn new ways of studying and make friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Exchange opportunities for Plymouth students

Study abroad and gain credits toward your programme in Plymouth. We offer exchange opportunities with partners across Europe and worldwide.

Start your adventure
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Study and exchange opportunities for international students

"All of the University of Plymouth Sociology professors went above and beyond to make the international sociology pupils feel welcome and academically stimulated. We were immediately invited to participate in Sociology socials, activities and projects. This is something we were eager to do, as the company provided by the faculty and our peers was supportive and refreshing.”

Julia Kovacs, international exchange student, USA

"To me, it felt like the professors really engage with the students and help them to be as successful as possible with their studies. Especially, I learned a lot in the Gender and Society module through open discussions and a lot of reading material from which the students could choose.”

Jacquelin Wolf, Erasmus exchange student, 2016, Germany
Sociology students
BSc (Hons) Sociology field-trip to London
International exchange students studying BSc (Hons) Sociology

So what are the benefits in taking part in an international exchange?

Students and staff from both the University of Plymouth and our international partners explain the benefits of taking part in an international exchange.