Timothy Poulton, Medicine student at the University

"I am currently in my second year of study and am thoroughly enjoying my time at the University of Plymouth. When applying to medical school, I wanted to find a course that would enhance my enthusiasm for medicine, and the course has definitely delivered in that respect.

Right from the beginning of the course we are taught in clinically relevant ways, with the avoidance of lots of monotonous lectures. Whether it’s working through a realistic case scenario in a problem-based learning (PBL) session, or learning from a doctor first hand at a GP placement, the course keeps my sight firmly set on the job I’ll be doing after graduating.

Other strengths of the course include the eagerness of the school to collaborate with students to improve the ever-evolving syllabus, and the relatively small cohort size, which allows student and staff to get to know everyone in the year.

Choose to study medicine at the University of Plymouth if you want a modern course that constantly reminds you of why you strive to become a doctor. I can wholeheartedly recommend Plymouth as a place to study medicine."