Student on the English field trip to Bath - part of the Jane Austen module

Supportive learning environment

English and creative writing at Plymouth prides itself on its friendly and supportive learning environment. Throughout your time here you will have a personal tutor who will support you individually, and every tutor operates an open door policy, meaning you can see them outside seminars, workshops and lectures, to talk through your work one to one. At Plymouth you are assessed entirely through coursework, with no exams, and you receive free core module set texts for all three years.

“Throughout all three years at the University of Plymouth I have never experienced a lecturer who wouldn't go above and beyond for us.” Hannah Daniels, BA (Hons) English, 2013-16.
“The tutors at Plymouth are amazing, I've emailed them countless times with probably meaningless questions or queries regarding essays, and they've always responded helping as much as they possibly can. They reply quickly and are keen to help out, no matter how insignificant my questions are.” Megan Pollard, BA (Hons) English, 2013-16.
“Studying English at Plymouth turned out to be three of the most fulfilling years of my life so far. The most important thing for me was the outstanding support that the English team provided. I always felt like everyone was there on my side, ready to provide support, advice or figure a way round a problem because they all genuinely wanted me to do well. So thank you English at Plymouth for helping me achieve something that I often wasn’t sure would be possible.” Rachel Nafzger, BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing, 2009-12.

Research-active staff

At Plymouth you will learn from research-active staff, many of whom are published authors and experts in their field. In the 2014 nationwide REF (Research Excellence Framework) assessment the English and creative writing team’s research was rated among the best in the UK. This work underpins the teaching you will experience. Our dedicated subject librarian can also guide you through our vast range of electronic and print resources.

“Every lecture and seminar is like a treat. I can feel my mind expanding as I take in all the knowledge being relayed to us in such an accessible manner, and with great enthusiasm.” Katherine Stacey, BA (Hons) English, 2013-16.
“It is clear that everyone in English and creative writing is passionate and enthusiastic about the subjects they specialise in … Being invited to events and lectures where new research is presented and discussed is just one of the fantastic opportunities we are presented with.” Sophie Wreford, BA (Hons) English, 2013-16.
“I would do my degree all over again it was that enjoyable! The tutors are so passionate and knowledgeable about their fields, it's infectious. The learning resources in the library were brilliant, guidance was always available when needed and the range of topics available for study was so varied I felt spoiled for choice.” Emma Gamble, BA (Hons) English, 2009-12.

Field trips

At Plymouth you will have many opportunities to deepen your understanding of the texts you are reading through field trips. In recent years these have included trips to see plays at the Theatre Royal Plymouth; field trips to historic locations like Saltram House and Bath for the eighteen century and Jane Austen modules; a visit to the Imperial War Museum for the war writing module; and a trip to Paris for the third year Modernism module.

“The trip to Bath was incredibly useful, especially in relation to Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. It was a great way to spend the day and the walking tour provided me with valuable new contexts for her writing. Exploring the Bath that Jane Austen represented in her novels for ourselves was really helpful”. Bryony George, BA (Hons) English, 2010-13.
“The Paris trip was amazing, I was able to see everything I wanted to see and more!” Holly Wakefield, BA (Hons) English, 2013-16.
“Eiffel never baguette this trip: we had a Notre Dame good time. There is no Hemingway we would not Pompidou it again. It was an Arc de Triomphe: we Louvre it!” Jason McCarthy, Liam Jefferys, Elliott Simpson, BA (Hons) 2013-16.

Your future career

At Plymouth we are aware that a university degree needs to prepare you for a future career. English and creative writing offers an exceptional array of opportunities to develop the skills valued by employers and to gain invaluable vocational experience:

  • Get involved in INK, our English and creative writing magazine, entirely produced by students.
  • Gain experience of how a newspaper works with the student-run newspaper The Knowledge.
  • Join our school-mentoring scheme, where students go into local secondary schools to mentor pupils.
  • Check out the Writing Café where you can mentor other students with their writing, or get advice on your own academic writing.

Learn more about career opportunities and further study.