Featured module: Fieldwork and Ethnography

What better way to appreciate anthropological research than to do it yourself? This modules enables first year students to conduct a solid anthropological project, step-by-step. 

Every year, we are impressed by the creativity and effort students put into these projects. We have fantastic and sensitive studies of tattoo artists, historical re-enactors, gym-goers, pub-etiquette, religious ritual and belief, the gig economy, clubbing, sports teams, dog-walking, environmental activists and musicians. 

Each project is like an expert brush stroke, which together – slowly but surely – is painting a much-needed portrait of Plymouth in the 21st century.

2020 has been special, COVID-19 has threatened to disrupt our projects. But our students have learned the important anthropological skills of adapting to a complex learning environment. They are now producing incredible work on Plymouth society in lockdown. Can religious ritual occur online? How has the gig economy changed under lockdown? How do musicians practice together? 

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